Energy Companies Commit to Gender Equality
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Energy Companies Commit to Gender Equality

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Perla Velasco By Perla Velasco | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 09/08/2023 - 10:54

Companies in the energy sector have signed the manifesto of the Women in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Network (REDMEREE), as it works toward equality between women and men in the energy sector.

REDMEREE is the first network of its kind in Mexico and aims to promote a renewable energy and energy efficiency sector that fosters the full development of women and men under conditions of equality, championing two specific agendas: the transition to sustainable energy and gender equality.

The REDMEREE manifesto includes, first and foremost, the recognition of a gender gap in the sector and a commitment improve inclusion in the sector. “One key action that companies can take to advance gender equality is to formalize a gender perspective within their management system. This requires dedicated personnel, resources and management authorization to ensure that it is implemented effectively. Relying solely on good intentions and isolated acts is not enough, as these approaches tend to be more costly and less effective than a comprehensive management system,” Elsa Bernal, President, REDMEREE,  told MBN.

The manifesto includes eight principles for creating new development spaces for women within organizations. “Let us be aware that having women hired does not mean there are no disparities or gaps; this is not the case. Companies must officially recognize that gaps exist and there is work to be done. Furthermore, companies must commit to adhering to these principles,” shared Bernal. She also praised the efforts of La Salle University and its program for equality, along with support from other educational institutions such as Universidad de Guadalajara.

During Intersolar Mexico, various actors signed the document. Among the companies committing to REDMEREE's manifesto are Enegence, ENGIE, Consultoría G2H and Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Huichapan. REDMEREE will also establish a collaboration agreement with the energy agency of the state of Nuevo Leon. “It is highly relevant because they are the ones who educate the new generations of engineers who recognize that this issue exists and take responsibility to change it,” she said.

Photo by:   winnievinzence, Envato Elements

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