Energy Outlook

Wed, 02/19/2014 - 15:07


The Mexican energy mix is expected to undergo substantial diversification. Combined cycle power plants will account for 47.8% of the total installed capacity in Mexico, while renewable energy participation is destined to increase to 35% by 2026. Although renewable energies and natural gas are expected to represent more than 80% of the total power generation capacity in Mexico, coal will still play an important role accounting for 12.8%. Other technologies such as thermoelectric, turbogas, coke and internal combustion power plants will only add up 5.5% of the total installed capacity in Mexico by 2026.

New installed renewable energy capacity will be driven primarily by wind power, which is expected to be the dominant renewable energy technology in the national energy mix, accounting for 60.3% by 2025. Small hydropower will follow wind with 24.3%, and solar energy is expected to account for 12% of new renewable energy generation, mostly through PV technologies. The geothermal and biomass are expected to make more modest contributions to new installed capacity according to SENER’s forecasts.