Expertise for Pipeline Development

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 13:07

Grupo MD is a cluster of five companies specialized in the development of power generation projects. Their activities include hybrid and PV power generation, cogeneration and electricity commercialization, encompassing a wide range of solutions for diverse companies. The company has worked with top international companies such as Mitsubishi and Generac.

Its flagship project is the development of the most important pipeline in the country for the next years. In 2014 the group started construction of the largest transportation complex between the US and Mexico. This 1,000km pipeline starts on the border and connects it with Mexico’s central region.

Grupo MD was invited to participate by the developers of the first phase of the project. These companies chose Grupo MD because of its innovation, human talent and continuous process improvement.

The group presented several propositions for the pipeline’s construction where several criteria for equipment supply were agreed upon. According to the companies’ needs and operational logic, Grupo MD offered diesel-based 800KW generators. The generators incorporate a cuttingedge motor that took into consideration the continuous operation of two 800KW engines in each of the stations. This was a scheme already proven and developed by Grupo MD in critical-mission operations in the oil and gas industry, so the reliability of these processes did not present a problem for the company.

One of the main highlights of the development of this project has been the high satisfaction levels, resulting from the zero failures recorded during its two years of operations thanks to the team’s coordinated efforts. The strong involvement of Grupo MD on every project and the professional strategy used by the company to identify the actual energy needs of a client were the decisive factors that led the projects’ stakeholders to hire it for the job.

For this project, the group devoted its full attention, having professionals working on site, performing all the operation and maintenance services required. Grupo MD did not spare any effort to provide its clients products and services up to their expectations, including logistics, technology and security aspects.

The success of the project has allowed Grupo MD to expand by increasing its appeal and acting as a guarantee of the quality of the group’s processes, technology and services.