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Federal Court Rules Against CENACE

By Cas Biekmann | Thu, 06/25/2020 - 16:47

A federal court has seconded the decision to halt CENACE’s measure preventing new renewable energy projects from completing tests and connecting to the grid. In other news, energy financing gets the green light despite stricter conditions, while Ibedrola and the government might settle the issue regarding a Veracruz power plant. Read this and much more in your weekly energy roundup!


Federal Court Rules Against CENACE

A federal court backed up the earlier decision made by the district court to halt CENACE’s measure, which aimed to put on hold renewable energy plant tests needed to enter the grid and therefore go “online.” It is the first decision from a specialized, federal court on this matter, reports El Universal. CENACE’s measure was unanimously rejected and its arguments were deemed “unfounded and inoperative,” as CENACE attempted to reverse an earlier provisional suspension awarded in a district court.

No Pause in Renewable Investments but Higher Selectivity

Stormy rhetoric and a growing sense of inertia dominate Mexico’s renewable energy industry, stemming from recent government measures looking to enhance the competitiveness of state production companies such as CFE. Regardless, interest in Mexico’s clean energy sector persists, according to Patricia Tatto, Vice President America of ATA Renewables and President of the Network of Women in Renewable Energies (MERM) as reported by Energía Hoy.

Government Aims for Agreement Over Iberdrola Plant

Earlier this week, controversy arose between the Mexican government and the private sector. Bloomberg News reported that Spanish energy giant Iberdrola planned to cancel a US$1.2 billion power plant in Veracruz. According to local officials, Iberdrola saw the cancellation necessary because it failed to reach an agreement regarding gas supply with CFE. A further reprimand by President López Obrador seemingly sealed the deal, leading to Veracruz’s governor to state that CFE would likely auction the construction of the power plant. However, Reuters reported that an agreement is on the works.

Tetra Pak Pauses Renewable Plans Due to Uncertainty

Some multinational companies operating in Mexico are halting plans to move to renewable energy due to the uncertainty Mexico’s government has been generating in the sector. Tetra Pak, a cardboard packaging giant, said it has paused its process in this regard, reported Forbes.

“The process of moving to use renewable energy at our factory in Queretaro is on standby as we have to wait on what the authorities dictate. We do not know to what extent it will affect our plans at a global level. Losing competitiveness by not using renewable energy can affect us globally,” said Alfredo Román, from Tetra Pak Mexico.


European Energy Brings Italy’s Largest Solar Farm Online

Developer European Energy (EE) managed to bring Italy’s 103MW solar farm online, located in the south of the country. EE furthermore boasts that this is Italy’s largest solar project to date. What is more, EE plans to invest €800 million more in the country within the next five years, as reported by PV Tech. 


Colombian Government Gives Seven Offtakers in Renewables Auction Bank Guarantees

As reported by Renewables Now, the Colombian Ministry of Energy, which also covers mining, said that it helped secure bank guarantees for seven power producers and energy sellers who all participated in 2019’s long-term energy auctions in renewables. The parties responsible for the role of guarantor and guarantee issuer are The Inter-American Development Bank and Bancoldex. According to the Ministry, this will help the companies to easily access further financing, as well as provide certainty for project developers looking to provide the platform to sell the energy.

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