Financing Trends in Mexico's Current Energy Landscape

By Mónica López | Fri, 03/19/2021 - 14:44

You can read out editorial coverage of this panel here

Despite the increasing complexity of Mexico’s political situation in terms of energy policy, financing trends will adapt thanks to the ongoing and overwhelming interest in the country’s potential. This idea was echoed by key decision-makers who participated in the second panel of Mexico Energy Forum 2021 on Wednesday, Mar. 10, titled “Financing Trends in Mexico's Current Energy Landscape.” The panel seeked to define what kind of projects and structures will be within the interests of investors in Mexico’s energy market.

The panel was moderated by Alan Sakar, Senior Associate at Clifford Chance, who highlighted the gap that will open up between two different future scenarios: one in which recently passed energy laws are struck down as unconstitutional and another in which the laws are upheld and enforced exactly as they are today. “The counter-reform moves ahead. We will experience changes in trends and businesses but the sector will continue onward, regardless,” said Sakar, who also mentioned his work with the World Energy Council to highlight what they consider to be the three core dimensions that define energy sustainability: energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability of energy systems.

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