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Gas a Natural Enabler for Mexico’s Development

By Cas Biekmann | Wed, 03/24/2021 - 12:21

Q: What was Naturgy’s experience in 2020 and what are its main objective for 2021?

A: Without a doubt, 2020 was a challenging year for people, companies and for all sectors of the economy. We are convinced that in extraordinary situations like that which we are living, having access to natural gas is essential for businesses, homes and industries alike, in terms of competitiveness, as well as comfort and safety. We have always guaranteed continuity in our service, which means the distribution of natural gas to our customers.

In 2020, we offered a free supply of natural gas to all public hospitals, which were connected to our distribution networks during the two most complicated months of the pandemic. Naturgy and its collaborators contributed with a donation to the Mexican Red Cross, destined for the purchase of medical supplies. We also offered one year of value-added services to clients who were among the frontline responders against the pandemic, such as doctors, nurses and the police.

For 2021, our main focus is to provide our customers a safe and modern service. For this reason, we have made significant investments in technology that allows our clients to use their cellphones to consult and pay their bills conveniently. We are also offering our service to potential users in areas where we already have a presence to provide them with access to safe, convenient and modern energy.

Another of our objectives is to continue promoting Natural Gas for Vehicles (GNV) for state and municipal governments in Monterrey and Mexico City. These efforts will improve the competitiveness of public transportation and improve air quality.  In addition, we will continue to promote the supply of energy solutions for companies to optimize their consumption and energy savings.


Q: How did Naturgy adapt its strategy to the unforeseen gas shortages Texas suffered due to extreme weather conditions?

A: We collaborated closely with the CENAGAS and with the suppliers of natural gas molecules to manage the situation caused by weather conditions in Texas. We also maintained close communication with the industry’s main consumers to reduce consumption as a preventive measure. This helped guarantee supply to strategic facilities and homes connected to our distribution networks.


Q: How will the company's plan to use five-year bonds on the BMV benefit your future strategy in Mexico?

A: These bonds will improve our debt structure with better market conditions, extend life average and develop distribution network expansion projects in areas where we already have a presence.


Q: How do natural gas projects like those Naturgy promotes impact Mexicans?

A: We are convinced that natural gas projects can provide a higher quality of life and this is done by reducing inequality through the development of businesses and industrial and economic development. It has been shown that states with access to natural gas have a stronger development than states that do not have access to this fuel.

We are focusing on strengthening our presence in areas where we already have a distribution network. We believe that by connecting more users we will achieve a stronger regional development through the supply of natural gas.


What differentiates the social focus of the company in Mexico from its competition?

A: Companies in the energy sector, especially natural gas distributors, are aware of the positive impact they can have on all sectors of society. In addition to the intrinsic potential of energy, we have developed action plans to benefit areas where we have distribution networks. These plans cover topics such as proximity to clients, creating opportunities for professionals, economic benefits for local suppliers, improving environmental impacts and identifying energy vulnerability.

 As part of our Social Responsibility Policy, we help people who have been affected by this global pandemic. In this regard, we carry out actions to support medical personnel who are combatting COVID-19 on a daily basis. First, we donated MX$1 million (US$49,000) to the Red Cross for the purchase of medical equipment. One-third of that was contributed by our collaborators and two-thirds by the company. Second, for two months, we provided our natural gas service for free to more than 60 public hospitals that are connected to our distribution network. Third, we launched the “We take care of your energy” initiative. The initiative grants one free year of our service and maintenance for the frontline responders who happen to be our customers.

We are committed to Mexico. Therefore, we want to reach more people and introduce fficient, affordable, environmentally friendly and safe energy to families, shops and industries.

Naturgy is a private Spanish utility that specializes in the generation, commercialization and distribution of electricity and natural gas. It has a global presence across more than 20 countries with a portfolio of over 22 million clients.

Cas Biekmann Cas Biekmann Journalist and Industry Analyst