Alfredo Quintana
Inventor and Manager
View from the Top

Gas Savings for the Entire Market

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 12:51

Q: How is Tecdigas working to boost its presence in Mexico?

A: We launched our company and product in Spain in 2012. It has taken a long time and a full study of gas combustion, both physical and chemical and how impurities and kinetic molecules affect it, to produce the excellent product we are bringing to the market now. It offers 8 percent gas savings for the residential segment.

Tecdigas not only offers savings in gas consumption but also reduces maintenance needs and improves the durability of the combustion equipment, due to the less abrasive combustion that comes with the reduction of impurities. Beyond the economic savings, the equipment, which is a specially engineered tubing and filter system that interconnects to the client’s piping located between the gas source and the combustion unit, is also environmentally friendly. In Spain, the minimum amount of gas savings we have achieved is 12.5 percent, while the maximum is 28.6 percent. 

We entered the Mexican market in January 2017 and we have witnessed a huge demand for our product. In Mexico, gas is very low quality, with many impurities, which makes our product even more effective because it can boost the heating power of the fuel. Since we entered the market, we have completed over 200 installations. We are negotiating with a restaurant chain and if everything goes as planned, we will install our equipment in its 190 restaurants. In Mexico, we have achieved an average of 18 percent savings and a maximum of 21.5 percent. 

Q: How does Tecdigas offer a tailored solution to every customer?

A: There are five versions of our product so it can be applied to almost every configuration where gas is consumed, from residential to industrial. If the off-the-shelf versions do not meet the customer’s needs, we design and produce tailored solutions to make sure that every client gets the best out of Tecdigas. The tailored solutions have proven to be extremely important for the industrial segment, in which we have found the biggest success.

We have a team of technicians who visit the customer’s facilities and install the equipment. They assign an identification number to record the location and installation date. Based on this information, we conduct periodic maintenance, which is also provided by our team. The equipment will last a lifetime; only the filter needs to be changed. When changing the filter, we also do a small cleaning that ensures the performance of the product. By changing the filter and cleaning the components every year, the customer can be sure that our product will work at 100 percent efficiency and will achieve our expected average consumption savings. 

Q: What steps is Tecdigas taking to ensure its long-term position in Mexico?

A: When we entered Mexico, we launched production at a manufacturing facility located in the State of Mexico that uses national raw materials and a local workforce. The product is now in demand in both the southeast and the northern regions of the country, making our decision to place production in the State of Mexico a good one. Nevertheless, this location is not big enough to meet the demand we are expecting so we will either expand the plant or launch a new facility. Although we want to increase our production capacity, we also have to match this with our capacity to install. One thing we do not want to do is lower the quality of our installation and maintenance services.

We are looking for product distributors as well as financial partners. Along with the decision to maintain high-quality installations, we must also carefully select our distribution partners. Even PV installers have reached out to us, asking to introduce our product into their portfolio. This makes sense, given that PV installers can also tackle the reduction of their clients’ gas consumption. This makes Tecdigas more competitive against other companies that only install PV systems.