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Generating Valuable Insights with Trend-Setting Technologies

Michel Yehuda - Fluke Dominion
Industrial Director


Wed, 02/21/2018 - 12:44

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Q: How does Fluke separate itself from the competition in Mexico’s renewable energy industry?

A: Fluke is a global leader in calibration and measuring solutions for the utility and energy sector. Our main differentiator is our ability to offer top-tier, trend-setting technologies at accessible prices and superior quality, providing integral multiproblem-solving solutions. Our scalable products, services and technologies can be adapted to electric plants of any size or age.


Q: What is Fluke’s assessment of IoT opportunities in Mexico?

A: Mexico is experiencing a conjunction of favorable factors for IoT solutions. Some industrial sectors such as automotive have become increasingly mindful of integrating this technology to provide better products and services. The country’s utility and energy sector is also taking notice. The rising awareness of IoT coupled with a new regulatory framework is fostering a turning point in how Mexico measures and provides electricity. CRE’s most recent norm, NOM-EM-007-CRE-2017, published in February 2017, attests to this shift. The norm stipulates that public and private generators, users and companies related to transmission and distribution are obligated to measure the electric power factor they respectively produce, consume, transmit or distribute.


Q: How is your company capitalizing on Mexico’s smartgrid commitment?

A: Smart grid is a huge subsection of the country’s electricity sector. Power generators like CFE or Iberdrola are some of the primary participants in this particular area. Given the complex software and fixed systems that are required, the installation of these systems must be meticulously planned, designed, verified and monitored. You need to make sure everything is working at optimal efficiency, which is where Fluke comes in. Our products and technologies secure the quality of the electric power produced and the efficiency of the instruments measuring, transmitting and distributing it. We are the invisible hand that optimizes all monitoring operations. Companies like Schneider, Siemens or ABB, which offer turnkey systems, rely on our products and technologies. Additionally, our IT division, Fluke Networks, is a world leader in measuring wireless network status.


Q: What is Fluke’s latest technological development and will you showcase it in Mexico?

A: Fluke and Dominion are looking forward to launch their newest developments in the Mexican market before the end of 2017, in particular, our newest wireless sensor. This small and simple device can measure the electric input and output of an engine or electric line. It is sophisticated enough to constantly send the information it collects to the cloud. The information passes through a software we developed, which analyzes the information and recommends the maintenance as well as immediate actions needed. We have also developed a multimeter that includes a thermal imager to make sure users can do more with less: with just one Fluke instrument the user can detect electric, electronic and mechanical problems. Finally, we harnessed our vast R&D capabilities to produce a clamp meter that measures voltage without the need to actually plug it into an electric circuit. This latter product is a significant step forward in wireless measuring from traditional electriccurrent measurement technologies.


Q: How does Fluke ensure the shortest learning curve for its innovations?

A: Our company is convinced that adapting Mexico’s workforce and eradicating knowledge gaps requires efficient and effective educational processes. Some years ago, we started organizing training seminars nationwide. We hold 250 seminars per year on average. We cover a wide array of subjects in major areas: energy saving and power quality, plant efficiency and productivity, IoT and wireless technologies, as well as electric safety and security. We do not limit our availability to clients that have previously purchased our products or services; all interested parties are welcome.

Fluke Dominion is the world leader in manufacture, distribution and service of electronic test tools and software. Founded in 1948, Fluke provides testing and troubleshooting capabilities in the manufacturing and service industries.

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