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Genesal Energy Offers More Than Backup Power

Iago Crespo - Genesal Energy Mexico


Cas Biekmann By Cas Biekmann | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 02/25/2022 - 17:45

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Q: What have been Genesal’s biggest achievements over the past year?

A: In 2021, the implementation of the company’s rental line in the Mexican market was one of its major achievements. We opened a new business area to make the renting of energy a real possibility within the country. This was our main objective, so tapping into new markets in the process was satisfying. We provided rental backup power systems to the 2021 Formula 1 Mexico City Grand Prix at the Hermanos Rodríguez race track, for example. The client was satisfied, so we have been chosen to provide similar systems for this year’s Formula E electric car race at the same location.

Furthermore, Genesal established important networks with Mexico’s mining and pharmaceutical sectors, both through our rental line and our traditional offering of power generation sets. It is important to mention that the company still caters to Mexico’s heavy electricity users, including the energy and oil and gas sectors, just as it has done for the past eight years. Sectors such as retail and manufacturing were also important for Genesal’s success this past year.

Finally, Genesal continues to strengthen its aftersales services and maintenance for its own equipment and installations from other brands. We signed an important contract with Enel to maintain the machinery at its power plants and closed similar agreements with Engie and IEnova.

Q: How does Genesal’s rental line add value?

A: A good example would be when the company supported its clients in February 2021, when Mexico’s grid suffered several blackouts due to a cold front that caused environmental damage in the US and halted natural gas exports. Another example would be when Genesal supplied electricity to toll booths in Tuxpan, after hurricanes hit Veracruz. Energy is always a necessity. But under such aggressive environmental conditions, access to energy is truly essential.


Q: Which fuel is most in demand?

A: The company sells systems for established projects, such as compression stations, therefore, demand for natural gas-fired systems has continued to grow. For the rental line, 90 to 95 percent of the time, clients want a system fueled by diesel. This is because rental systems need to function immediately and deliver energy wherever it is required, whether running constantly or are on standby. This fast availability is more easily achieved with widely available diesel than with natural gas.


Q: How does the company’s hybrid system offer the same stability without the harmful emissions?

A: Genesal’s Hybrid Microgeneration Systems project is focused on the telecommunications sector. With this new system, we offer a standby and emergency power solution. In very remote locations, this solution offers telecommunication towers a great deal of energy autonomy during long periods of time. Genesal’s systems can be powered by wind turbines or photovoltaic solar panels, which run parallel to a diesel solution. This energy is stored in batteries via an inverter. Using clean energy is more sustainable than relying on diesel, so if the system is tied to a renewable source of energy, the diesel is merely used for backup. This makes the microgeneration system clean, cheap and independent, which is a real benefit for this type of facility.


Q: What are the benchmarks of Genesal’s plans to become more sustainable by 2030?

A: Genesal is committed to its 2030 Agenda, an ambitious plan to become environmentally friendly in the long term. We aim to develop and implement a radical change in our business areas, mentality and product lines prior to 2030. Our plan has several benchmarks, which does not only affect the products we offer but also our internal policies and how we manufacture our products. Our hybrid microgeneration project is certainly a part of the strategy. In addition, we are making progress to meet the EU’s Fit for 55 legislative plans, which include far-reaching measures to issue a de facto ban on internal combustion engines (ICE) by 2035. To meet the needs of our clients, our engines will need to have an increasingly lower impact on the environment. In addition, Genesal works to meet all beneficial international certifications regarding its systems and processes and has joined several associations to help develop green hydrogen, an important fuel for the future.


Q: How would you assess Mexico’s possibility to become a major green hydrogen player?

A: Considering the excellent wind and solar resources Mexico has already installed and its plans to keep developing them, I can say the country has the right elements to develop green hydrogen technology. This renewable fuel can then be fed into the natural gas system and gas-fired power plants. Recently, the UK reported that its natural gas pipeline network will be ready to blend up to 20 percent hydrogen into networks across the country from 2023 onward. Mexico could follow this path: it has the infrastructure, the experts and the offtakers necessary to make green hydrogen a success. It would also strengthen Mexico’s economy because it makes the country less dependent on gas coming from abroad.


Q: What are Genesal´s biggest goals for 2022?

A: This year, the company will need to strengthen its brand in the still-new energy rental line. We aim to further support our clients in their projects, as they wait to see how the government’s electricity reform pans out. Furthermore, Genesal Energy wants to increase its post-sales services and boost its 2030 sustainability objectives. In terms of product, the company will look to deliver more gas-fired generator sets in Mexico, since this product is not yet as developed in the country as it is in Europe. We are investing significant resources to reach these goals and are on the right path. We have an excellent team of people and have all the tools available to become successful. Our mission is to help Mexico meets its complex energy demand. Mexico has the technology and the people to build a reliable and sustainable energy network but it really comes down to political will to make this happen.


Genesal Energy offers personalized power generation sets. The company provides extra value in technical ability related to developing specialist solutions, including viability assessments, detailed planning, execution and on-site commissioning. Additionally, it provides personalized multi-brand maintenance packages and the possibility of supplying power plants for rent throughout Mexico.

Photo by:   Genesal Energy

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