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Ginlong Solis Offers Solar Energy Storage to Mexican SMEs

By Paloma Duran | Tue, 11/10/2020 - 15:51

The Chinese company Ginlong Solis partnered with Mexican firm Exel Solar to promote the storage of solar energy among SMEs and in the residential sector in Mexico and other Latin-American countries to improve productivity and reduce energy costs.

Ginlong Solis, a Chinese company that focuses on solar inverters, has already introduced  most of its portfolio to the Mexican market.Currently, the company’s plans are set on expansion and it hopes to raise US$100 million to bolster its manufacturing capacity, storage projects and supply to the energy network worldwide, reports MBN.

Ginlong says solar energy production will allow Mexican companies to be more energy independent because their supply will not rely on the grid and as a result, there will be higher profits, reports Expansión.

In a recent interview with MBN, Juan Manuel Ruiz, Head of Business Development at Banverde, said Mexico benefits from high levels of solar radiation, especially outside big cities that are prone to have high pollution levels. The market has the potential to attract US$60 billion in solar investment for the commercial and industrial sectors.

To address this potential, Ginlong Solis launched an innovative product: a hybrid string inverter with integrated storage. This inverter has been designed for the residential sector, where it can have 100 percent solar energy self-sufficiency without needing to be connected to the grid, reported MBN.

Previously, due to the intermittency of solar energy, the system needed to be supplied with electrical energy. However, the energy will now be supplied by an inverter that has lithium batteries that will allow to collect and store energy throughout the day, reported Expansión.

Sergio Rodríguez, Ginlong Solis Director for Latin America, says this project allows for better security and energy independence among clients. In addition, Daniel Duque, Project Director at Excel Solar, says it shows Mexico’s development toward renewable energies, reported Ca Posts.

A Solar Power and Hannover Fairs Mexico report showed that in 2019, Mexico grew 49 percent in sales for photovoltaic systems. Rodríguez said the country has one of the highest solar radiation levels in the world with 5.5kWh/m2 and that in the last industry reports, Mexico exceed the 4.05GW of its installed capacity, reported Ca Posts.

Currently, China is the country with the highest capacity with 175GW, followed by Japan with 56GW, the US with 51GW and Germany with 45GW, reports Ca Posts.

Today, trends are favoring distributed generation, which will become more prominent in the Mexican market. “Before, solar energy did not figure in megaprojects, it was focused on small businesses because there were limits to commercialization. Now, the industry has shelved utility-scale projects and has again circled back to the domestic industry,” said Casiopea Ramírez, Partner at Fresh Energy Consulting and Adviser to ASOLMEX, during Mexico Energy Forum earlier this year.

Héctor Olea, President of ASOLMEX, says the country's growth in solar roofs contributes to reinforcing our energy sovereignty through access to clean and competitive energy across Mexico, bringing us closer to diversifying the national energy matrix, reported MBN.


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Paloma Duran Paloma Duran Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst