Raquel Bierzwinsky
Chadbourne & Parke

Global Expertise to Guide Clients

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 12:10

Since the passing of the Energy Reform, law firm Chadbourne & Parke has been receiving a lot of calls from existing and potential clients. “Many of our clients worldwide are interested in the Mexican market. Right now we are performing several educational tasks because of the nature of the new market,” says Raquel Bierzwinsky, Counsel at Chadbourne & Parke. She notes that clients who are already established in Mexico have a better understanding of the new market. Even though they know the institutions and have contacts, they have questions because they do not entirely understand the full extent of the legislation.

The firm is also helping clients structure their potential operations. If they have existing projects, Chadbourne & Parke helps them define whether they want to remain under the old framework or if they want to venture into the new one. According to Bierzwinsky, everyone is part of the learning process, even the authorities because regulators like CRE and CNH still have to get to grips with their roles. “The wholesale electricity market will not start operating until mid-2016, so the government is allowing this period of time for everyone to adjust and understand their capabilities. It is such a ground breaking reform that I think there is only a few people in the Ministry of Energy that fully understand its implications.” She believes it will take 12 to 18 more months for everything to settle and for players in the industry to fully understand the extent of these changes.

Bierzwinsky is confident that Chadbourne & Parke is more competitive than other firms because the expertise it acquired after 30 years of working in the energy sector around the world has provided the firm with a deep understanding of how markets work. This statement can be corroborated by the fact that Chadbourne & Parke was awarded the ‘US Energy Award for 2014’ by The Legal 500: United States 2014. “We are already familiar with plenty of the changes that are occurring here and, even though this is brand new in Mexico, we know how the concepts are structured,” says Bierzwinsky. “Even though we are learning too, we have the expertise to guide our clients through these changes and help them understand what the opportunities will be and how the new market regulations will affect their businesses. In that way, I think we are in a strategic position because of our experience in other countries. We can also help clients that work in other markets enter the Mexican market and understand or familiarize themselves with the changes that are occurring here,” she concludes.