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Globally Known C&I Quality, Localized Eye for Client Attention

By Cas Biekmann | Tue, 08/03/2021 - 12:34

Q: How was Chint Power Systems able to deliver growth and strong Q1 results despite the pandemic and little utility-energy scale project development in Mexico?

A: It is to Chint’s advantage to work in different areas, such as in distributed generation (DG). This has helped us consolidate our position because DG has grown a great deal in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Considering Chint’s large variety of products, we can set out to achieve our corporate goals in practically any country no matter the state of the sectors.

In regard to how the company has optimized its offer for the Mexican and Latin American markets to meet this new demand, we believe that markets look for competitive prices. Warranties are also a crucial factor. Other companies often work with rather complicated warranty clauses. Chint sets itself apart with a simple, client-focused approach. If there are any issues, we can replace products within hours due to the stock we have in Mexico and in other countries. Another important factor to highlight is our strong local support, which is tailored to the Mexican market.

Chint is considering manufacturing in Mexico due to the opportunities the USMCA can bring to the region, but the pandemic has put these plans on hold for the time being. Nevertheless, the idea remains on the table.


Q: How does Chint’s portfolio lead to greater market share in DG for the C&I sector?

A: Chint’s portfolio allows it to provide its own products and solutions such as the Astronergy Tier 1 solar panels as well as CPS inverters and Storage solutions, for both DG and utility scale. Having the ability to provide most of the products needed, as well as intricate knowledge regarding implementation and operation benefits the solar power plant. It also makes knowing what is going on in the facility much easier, so O&M becomes simpler. These are interesting benefits for clients.


Q: How does Chint use smart technology to push its manufacturing process in new directions?

A:  Our factories are considered advanced in regard to intelligence, especially because of our use of internet of things (IoT). Every process is automated, and clients can follow the manufacturing process online through a simple web browser in real time. They can also see in what stage of the production chain their products are at any moment. This all functions so that we can provide the best quality in the market, based on our expectation to build a long term relationship with each customer.


Q: Solar module prices have been increasing due to the lack of polysilicon availability. How is the company addressing this issue?

A: The increase in module prices will be a continuing trend until at least 2022. In this environment, many projects will be put on standby before they reach construction because the numbers will no longer make sense. Another issue is that of rising transportation costs for modules using container ships and other methods. These costs have increased approximately 600 percent. Raw materials will cost more, driving up the price in general. Chint has been forced to increase its prices as well; for example, with our storage solution. On the positive side, this price increase helps Chint protects itself against any upticks in material prices as well as manufacturing or transportation costs. As a result, customers can trust the price they are first quoted.


Q: How is the company working to address sustainability within its own supply chain?

A: Sustainability begins at the manufacturing stage. Our smart factories are green factories as well, meeting the highest demand for global certifications and reports. The company also belongs to several green-minded associations. To be considered sustainable, Chint addresses its post-sales services as well, examining its entire value chain to achieve more sustainable results. All our new patents and products are considered with a green mindset from the start, sourcing greener raw materials in the process.


Q: What objectives would you like to accomplish in Mexico in 2021?

A: For this year, we want to consolidate the position of our new CPS SCH275KW string inverter. The utility-scale market is on standby because of rising prices and the country’s political direction, as well as lower investment levels. Despite this, Chint aims to consolidate its offer in this area and further develop its position for equipment in DG. We are growing steadily in this area and our goal is to continue this positive trend. For the Astronergy solar offer, we want Latin America to learn more about our quality and new technologies. As to CPS, we are already No. 1 in C&I three-phase inverters in the US. In China, we lead the low-voltage solutions market. In Mexico, we are looking to achieve similar recognition for our excellent price, quality, service and equipment. Even if segments of the market are experiencing a downturn, it is still important to build experience and consolidate the company in those areas.

Chint is a leading industrial technology supplier and manufacturer of power-focused products and solutions. It produces a variety of appliances, including low-voltage electric products, medium- and high- voltage electric transmission and distribution equipment and renewable energy solutions.

Cas Biekmann Cas Biekmann Journalist and Industry Analyst