Green Hydrogen Market Announced During Leaders’ Summit
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Green Hydrogen Market Announced During Leaders’ Summit

Photo by:   Scott Webb - Unsplash
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Eliza Galeana By Eliza Galeana | Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 01/13/2023 - 12:08

The US government released a statement during the North American Leaders’ Summit to announce that it aims to develop a green hydrogen market in North America. Moreover, PEMEX included the use of green hydrogen in its 2023-2027 business plan. 

According to the White House’s statement, the North American clean hydrogen market will include potential cooperation on research and development, safety codes and standards, cross-border hydrogen clusters, green freight corridors and integrated maritime operations.

Israel Hurtado, President, the Mexican Hydrogen Association (AMH2), highlighted the importance of this message. According to him, it sets a precedent for creating a cleaner economy. "Through this announcement, President Biden urged his counterparts to become global leaders in clean energy and move forward in the technological transition, which I think is essential right now," said Hurtado. 

Likewise, Hurtado underscored the fact that Prime Minister Trudeau talked about the application of green hydrogen for the automotive industry via the creation of zero-emission vehicles. “I believe these messages to be of great transcendence for those of us driving the development of the hydrogen industry in Mexico,” he said.

What is more, PEMEX recently released its 2023-2027 business plan in which the state company committed to strengthening its sustainability performance, focusing on improving its energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity generation and the transportation sector. PEMEX’s plan briefly mentions green hydrogen, seeing it as a possible source of hydrogen for hydrotreating processes in the production of methanol and fertilizers, as well as a direct fuel.

Hurtado commented that while the AMH2 applauds the fact that PEMEX includes green hydrogen in its business plan, the topic should be valued with more scope and depth. 

“We know the opportunity that the inclusion of green hydrogen in industrial processes could represent for PEMEX in reducing its dependence on natural gas imports and opening a door to the production and export of green hydrogen. This could turn PEMEX into one of the world’s leading players in this industry,” Hurtado stated. 

Hurtado stressed that on a global scale, big oil companies are seeking to diversify their business portfolios by offering alternative fuels such as green hydrogen, methanol or sustainable aviation fuels to different industries. Moreover, these companies are developing green hydrogen production projects for their industrial refining processes, thus replacing gray hydrogen, he said. 

Photo by:   Scott Webb - Unsplash

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