Gabriel Hajj
CEO & Director General
Selmec & Cleaver Brooks Mexico
View from the Top

Off-Grid Innovation Powers Remote Locales

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 14:17

Q: What are Selmec & Cleaver-Brooks Mexico’s flagship products for the electric sector?

A: Our electric division includes electric systems such as compact substations, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), transformers and other electric components that complement the industry’s value chain, but our emergency generator is the flagship product of this division. It can run on diesel or gas and is optimized to provide backup and off-grid services in remote locations. Our main clients are industries for which power outages represent large economic losses or logistical problems like airports, hospitals, carmakers or mines. Our products provide up to 2,750kW of power in a parallel arrangement. When Hurricane Odile hit Baja California in 2014, we were the only equipment provider with the required capabilities and logistics to help CFE restore the region’s power supply. In less than 24 hours we sent around 60 emergency generators to the area. This particular case was remarkable because it showcased Selmec’s ability to respond quickly to natural disasters.

Q: How is the company optimizing aftersales services to meet the needs of a new client base?

A: S&CBM has one of the quickest response times in the industry thanks to a highly prepared group of professionals trained to offer proper O&M services. One feature that allows us to optimize our after-sales services is an online management platform from which we can follow up the client’s history and the product’s performance. It has a database to track all events that might have impacted the equipment’s performance. That way we can identify the root causes of a malfunction. In the Dominican Republic where the grid’s low reliability was forcing our equipment to operate longer than expected, our platform allowed us to identify the problem quickly and we reconfigured the equipment to serve as the main power supply.

Q: What new areas of opportunity has S&CBM identified in the market?

A: We foresee demand for remote-monitoring services for thermal and electrical applications. Selmec is on track to position itself as a leading service provider. Our next step will be to incorporate the IoT into our processes. Online platforms with remote monitoring applications will be crucial for optimizing the performance of products and processes, identifying and avoiding unnecessary risks