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How Can Mexico Meet Future Energy Talent Demand?

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 13:30

A topic that is usually ignored in energy-centric conferences is the recruitment, training, and retention of human talent. Nonetheless, adequately trained technicians, engineers, and other general staff are essential for the success of any energy company. With the opening of the wholesale electricity market, CFE will start competing in the market as any other actor does, so human capital is a topic that is more relevant than ever for the parastatal.

Flores explained that changing the paradigm at CFE will definitely be challenging, particularly considering the long period that CFE functioned without any competitor. Now, that the parastatal must work as a regular enterprise and contribute economic value to the country, it will need to enhance its training programs to ensure its employees are prepared to serve the new market.

According to Flores, CFE’s new strategy recognizes that economic incentives alone are not enough to attract and retain human talent. Therefore, the parastatal is currently focusing its efforts on developing a new company culture that includes permanent training, a challenging environment, flexible schedules, tailored incentives, extracurricular activities, growing opportunities, and team building.