Icelandic Engineering Expertise at Mexico's Service

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 18:44

Mannvit is an international consulting firm that offers comprehensive engineering, consulting, management, operational, and EPCM services. It is a leader in geothermal power development with decades of experience developing geothermal resources. Over the past years, the firm has established and acquired subsidiaries in several countries to learn from their local expertise. Mannvit also creates partnerships with other established and emerging players within the geothermal sector. The firm currently has plans to develop new geothermal power plants in Iceland in conjunction with Reykjavik Energy Landsvirkjun, among others.

“Mannvit has a wealth of experience as a troubleshooter and an engineering consultant, with over 50 years of experience in mitigating risk and adding value for its clients. The beauty is the lack of competition because of the unique skillset that exists within the company,” says Brad Donovan, Mexico Country Manager of Mannvit. Whether in Kenya or Mexico, the firm constantly evaluates new techniques in drilling and reservoir management issues to help with the long-term production of power, while also examining environmental protection issues. With this in mind, Donovan firmly believes Mannvit has a unique expertise that will help in the development of Mexico’s new geothermal energy sector. “Mannvit definitely wants to be positioned as the reference company and the industry leader. It is committed to training and employing Mexican people, and it operates on an extremely integral code of ethics,” asserts Donovan.

Among other activities, Mannvit carries out exploration, drilling, and reservoir management. Given that it has been a leader in geothermal for 50 years, the company aims to progress quickly so it can cut down on the development time and either pass the project on to an EPC or provide oversight internally. “I think the first part of the cycle of a project is where Mannvit’s strengths lie. It is such an interesting way of doing business whereby there is not a whole lot of competition because Mannvit has the ability to

bring all of the pieces together and that is what is needed in Mexico,” Donovan comments.

During the Round Zero tender in Mexico’s geothermal sector, Mannvit provided some advice to different committees and legislators in the Senate and in Congress. “We have been following this even before the Reform was passed, with dialogues with UNAM and CICESE and the experts in CFE, Morelia, and the College of Engineers,” shares Donovan. However, he stresses that the company is in Mexico to help implement the reform with the commercial partners that choose to work with Mannvit. “Anybody with a viable project should approach us in order to save time and money. The real aim is to help enable Mexican geothermal to come to the forefront of the global market,” Donovan concludes.