David Mekler
Heliocol México Solar

Industrial Segment Paves the Way for Solar Heating

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 13:47

The difference between companies that fail and those that succeed lie mostly in the quality of their products. After 16 years in the Mexican solar market, it is not surprising that David Mekler, CEO of Heliocol México Solar (Heliocol), is able to boast the long-term benefits of excellent quality. Heliocol began installing solar powered heating systems for swimming pools in the year 2000. Today, Heliocol has installed more than 400,000m2 of solar powered systems across Mexico, both industrial and residential, from Tijuana to Cancun.

The residential segment has been slightly challenging for Helicol. “People in this segment would rather buy a gas operated boiler that has to be heated every day, than buy a higher quality product,” says Mekler. He believes that once the public is more educated about the the health benefits, economic benefits, and long-term savings involved, his product will dominate the water heating market. As of today, Heliocol’s systems are only found in households that understand the long-term benefits. A good example of the mindset shift was Heliocol’s involvement in INFONAVIT’s green mortgages. “We were working on low income housing projects with SADASI. One day, former president Calderón learned about one of our projects and thought that every house should have a solar heater, which led to the creation of green mortgages.”

Heliocol’s market presence shifted dramatically in 2005, when it equipped Mexico’s Ministry of Health with state-of- the-art solar water heaters. Soon after, Heliocol installed solar water heating systems for almost 7,000m2 of the Centro Médico de Occidente in Guadalajara, as well as in many other important hospitals around the country. Mekler credits the company’s growth to environmentally responsible programs, such as those of Coca Cola, Pfizer, and General Motors. “Our products are also used within the aeronautical and metal manufacturing industries; in fact, anyone that uses energy is a potential client of our thermal division,” he explains.

Despite these successes, Mekler has noticed that customers are often content with their hot water systems and believe that new technology is unnecessary. However, Mekler is eager to demonstrate that solar heaters are cleaner than fossil fuels and the ROI is relatively fast. Demonstrating the benefits of solar technology with state-of-the-art, high-quality products has been Heliocol’s main contribution to the development of the Mexican solar market.