Innovative Business Model Generating Success

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 13:38

“Many perceive the solar sector to be an old man’s playground populated by inflexible business models; however, this is far from reality,” states Andrés González Reyes Retana, Director General of DMSolar. “In truth, the solar sector is home to many entrepreneurs with innovative products and business models. Newcomers to the solar sector can find rewarding experiences, providing that the company is innovative, flexible, and most importantly, presents unique business opportunities.” DMSolar is one of these newcomers, securing a large share of this nascent industry since its creation in 2012. González Reyes Retana believes that the potential of the solar sector is clear, given that commercial and industrial players are now chasing after greener solutions. He also expects this trend to continue developing, predicting at least a 40% growth over the next five to seven years.

Part of DMSolar’s success can be attributed to the unique approach of deploying its solar panels exclusively to installation companies. When the company receives a project from a potential customer, it carries out an analysis to evaluate which products should be installed based on variables like sun resources. It can then perform test runs with the use of optimizers, giving the customers a choice of which brands best fit their projects. Once this information has been collected, DMSolar can design, build, and deploy the photovoltaic products. Additionally, DMSolar offers a platform called DMSolar Impulse, which helps installers track product performance in each project, and obtain real-time statistics for the energy generated.

Since the installation companies and the developers have long-term commitments with their clients, the quality that DMSolar provides is crucial for protecting everyone involved. To offer additional protection, the company takes control of the warranty management on all of its products. This holds significant added value if a product must be replaced. To be able to provide this service, and to uphold its high-quality standards, DMSolar must also ensure that it has the necessary certifications. For instance, the assembly certification is crucial due to the possibility of panels becoming detached from the holders. “We do not want to worry about our products deteriorating after about five years,” González Reyes Retana states. “Instead, we want to be secure in the knowledge that they will maintain their quality and performance. Furthermore, these tests and certifications have to be in place to ensure that the prices we offer are competitive.”

While these certifications are essential, there are no different requirements for them across commercial and domestic markets. For a commercial project, DMSolar can supply a 100kW inverter with the same certifications and quality standards as a 2kW residential inverter of the same brand. González Reyes Retana goes on to mention that some certifications are not yet implemented in Mexico, but expects them to arrive sometime in the future. At the moment, 100% of the company is focused solely on Mexico, but it would like to expand its presence to Central America. In fact, DMSolar has already begun exporting some products to new clients, showing that further success is indeed on the horizon.