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Integral Energy Solutions Provider Seeks Out Innovation

By Cas Biekmann | Fri, 12/11/2020 - 12:24

Q: What is the main added value that Grupo ProSidsa provides its clients?

A: Grupo ProSidsa is a project integrator, which means we commission or provide specific and tailored solutions for our clients. To integrate our projects, we have three partnerships that help us to provide ideal solutions.

We provide an integral, end-to-end solution. This means a complete integration of proposals or public tenders that compete for a public energy project regarding energy efficiency through lighting or through solar panels, among other solutions. We have the necessary infrastructure to manufacture our own light posts. Whatever is necessary for these types of electrical infrastructure, we manufacture and then install them using our own equipment. We arrange our own transport as well – basically, we do everything necessary from start to finish. This makes a project less costly to execute, with less hassle and better tailored to the needs of our client.


Q: Which of your solutions are experiencing the highest demand?

A: Street lighting is currently the most popular product in our portfolio. At the moment, we are finalizing street lighting for the city of Oaxaca. In conjunction with another company, we provide public lighting throughout the city. The goal is to boost energy savings for the local government. We started a new project in Pachuca, where we will also substitute and innovate electrical infrastructure in several key locations in the city. This will generate significant energy savings as well. Carrying out such projects puts us in a good position within this niche of the market.

Our solar panel business for the residential sector is seeing a great deal of demand as well. This is because people want to save money on their steep energy bills, now that they are staying home due to the pandemic.


Q: Why did the company decide to start designing its solutions directly with manufacturers?

A: We started this process 10 years ago, when we noticed that the costs were much higher for final users. We began to adapt solutions to their needs. This was the case with public lighting. The reason is that the purchasing party, which is often the local government, has a certain budget to execute the work. The project and the product are handled by many people, from contractors to subcontractors and even specialists. In the end, solutions do not often comply with the specific regulatory needs of the local government. As a result, they come to us to adapt solutions and costs. By going directly to the manufacturer, we eliminate all the unnecessary parties in this mix to deliver the best products tailored to our clients’ needs. 


Q: Where do you think are the main opportunities for companies in the energy efficiency supply chain?

A: There is a lack of specialization. I often see companies that want to provide many different solutions, but do not specialize in any of them. When we visit solar expos for instance, we see companies wanting to cover utility scale, C&I and even residential projects. For public lighting, companies want to cover highways or various traffic projects as well. The market segmentation is impressive in the current industry. It would be better if companies specialized in a specific niche and become experts.  


Q: What advantage does the company’s Thermal Pro product line deliver to industrial users?

A: Regarding thermal energy, we have developed this product line for industrial use together with two other companies. The technology is based on a technology that is able to efficiently heat water. This is rather useful for companies in the textile industry, where warm water is used for various processes. Processes for pasteurizing milk or producing tortillas can also benefit greatly from this form of energy generation. Both large and small industrial users can achieve energy savings of around 80 percent. It is a great opportunity for larger-scale energy users.


Q: What objectives is Grupo ProSidsa striving to achieve for 2020-2021?

A: For this year, survival is of the essence. Our on-going projects and innovations are allowing us to have a positive outlook for the company. Our main objective is to pull ourselves out of the crisis and to continue to innovate by looking for opportunities and representations abroad while further specializing in our niche.


Grupo ProSidsa is dedicated to carrying out energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, focusing on solutions such as streetlighting as well as solar and thermal energy.

Cas Biekmann Cas Biekmann Journalist and Industry Analyst