Francisco Javier Fernández Del Pino
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Ingenia Solar Energy (ISE)
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Local Knowledge Spurs Success

By MBN Staff | Thu, 04/23/2020 - 17:49

Q: What is the company’s added value for the Mexican market?

A: We have more than 15 years of experience and have participated in projects for more than 23GW of installed capacity. Therefore, our added value is our extensive knowledge of the photovoltaic segment. Our highly developed local knowledge has been a very important factor in our business development. We also have partnerships with local companies to develop all the different phases of our project.


Q: In what areas is the company’s business model focused?

A: We are developing self-sufficiency projects for governmental, industrial, commercial and domestic installations. We solve the technical problems that arise in project designs to provide a balance between investment and production, seeking maximum profitability for our clients.

Currently, we are developing a project for parking lots, in which we will incorporate charging stations for electric vehicles. In the case of this project, the installation automatically protects itself against weather phenomena. We are in contact with governmental agencies in Los Cabos to develop this product and put it into operation.


Q: What is the company’s business strategy in terms of self-supply for the commercial and domestic sectors?

A: The size of our photovoltaic facilities allows for storage. We function as property engineers in various parts of the world so we know that this type of development can be implemented in Mexico. The mining sector is requiring energy decarbonization processes and we can implement green energy projects to replace that process.


Q: What is your relationship with Consorcio de Ingenieros (CISA)?

A: Regarding our alliances with local partners, such as CISA, it is a priority for us to rely on local talent. Having local support makes it easier to comply with regulations on related to energy developments, including licenses and other factors. All local knowledge regarding interaction with government agencies is important for the successful implementation of our projects. Mexican talent is important for us, in both the ​​management and engineering areas.


Q: What are your company’s main achievements and innovations regarding solar panels?

A: In the solar energy sector, the technology is constantly changing. From the photovoltaic module itself to the inverters and the main equipment, there are constant advances being made. Our R&D department is a major contributor to this. Currently, we are conducting studies on bifacial modules to determine the ideal production conditions. We must adapt to the needs of each government and be prepared to implement the technological innovations that are required.


Q:  What are ISE’s strategic alliances?

A: We are continuously in contact with equipment manufacturers. These relationships are essential to be able to innovate our product and offer the best photovoltaic systems in different markets worldwide.

Ingenia Solar Energy (ISE) is an engineering company specialized in photovoltaic projects with extensive experience in the design and quality control of plants.

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