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López Obrador Targets Self-Supply; Companies Respond

By Cas Biekmann | Thu, 03/25/2021 - 17:20

President López Obrador called out large Mexican enterprises regarding their energy-self supply contracts. Despite the criticism, the president emphasized he seeks dialog. In other news, The Nordex Group got the contract for an unnamed 96MW project.

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López Obrador Targets Self-Supply; Companies Respond

President López Obrador took aim at renowned Mexican companies such as OXXO, Bimbo and Walmart and their energy self-supply schemes. He said that the kWh payments they make is less than half of those of homes without subsidies. OXXO and Grupo Bimbo responded by releasing statements saying their contracts are completely legal and legitimate.

“We cannot be giving subsidies to large corporations, because it does not seem fair to us. And for a long time, companies pretended that the subsidy was handed to the consumer. Most of the subsidy goes to large corporations,” said López Obrador.

FEMSA, which owns the OXXO brand, immediately released a statement declaring that each of its stores powered by wind energy pays around MX$14,000 (US$676) per month, which include payments to CFE for transmission and distribution, among other costs. In 2020, OXXO paid a total of MX$1.57 billion (US$76.1 million) to CFE, partly because of these expenses. “Through contracts with five wind farms in the country, we satisfy 69.4 percent of our energy needs. The supply of renewable energy that powers our operations has never been to the detriment of the Mexican State. The corresponding contracts are legal and legitimate,” the statement read.


López Obrador Wants Dialog With Big Enterprises

President López Obrador expects to have an open dialog with companies like OXXO, Walmart and Bimbo. The president said he does not wish to fight anybody, though he does hope that justice will benefit many and not just a few, according to La Jornada. He insisted that all big companies should pay for their energy they use. This is why he has asked CFE to provide their payment records. “We are going to ask this week for the technicians’ report. Companies can name a commission so that we may have an open dialog with the media and clear up the situation,” the president proposed.


SENER Publishes Notice of Suspension of the Electricity Reform on the Official Gazette

The Ministry of Energy published a notice saying the electricity reform initiative, pushed by López Obrador and approved by Congress, was temporarily halted due to suspensions from a federal judge. Forbes reported that the publication is not a condition to make the suspension effective but since it applies to the sector in general, another judge ordered SENER to publish it on the Official Gazette.


Nordex Signs 96MW Deal With Unnamed Client

German wind giant The Nordex Group reached a deal to deliver 96MW worth of turbines for a project with a northern Mexican customer, whose name remains anonymous. Nordex is to supply 20 N155/4.X turbines, aiming to operate at 4.8MW. The installation of the turbines, mounted on 120 m concrete towers, is expected to be finalized in 2021. Nordex also signed a two-year maintenance agreement, reported Renewables Now.



US Wants to Cut Solar Costs by 60 Percent in Next Decade

The Biden administration has pledged to decrease solar costs by 60 percent in a decade, as part of ambitious plans to decarbonize the US by 2035, Yahoo! Finance reported. The slash in costs is part of the goal to have solar panels installed around five times faster than they are today.

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