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López Obrador Wants Dialog With Big Enterprises

By Lorenzo Núñez | Wed, 03/24/2021 - 10:50

President López Obrador expects to have an open dialog with OXXO, Walmart and Bimbo, companies he criticized for paying less in their energy bills. The president said he does not wish to fight anybody, though he does hope that justice will benefit many and not just a few, according to La Jornada. He insisted that all big companies should pay for the energy they use. This is why he has asked CFE to provide their payment records. “We are going to ask this week for the technicians’ report and if these companies agree, they can name a commission so that we may have an open dialog with the media and clear up the situation,” the president proposed.

After saying that all three companies were paying less for electricity than an average household, as previously reported by MBN, the president stated that Bimbo and Walmart should be ashamed for asking for legal protection from his energy bill, reported El Universal. “I read about it today on social media or the press: Bimbo’s and Walmart’s protection is an insolence and I offer an apology to the two companies for bringing this up, but since they are asking for protection to keep their benefits, they should be ashamed,” he pointed out. Judge Rodrigo de la Peza, First District Judge in management and an economics, radio and telecommunications specialist, granted a second suspension against the president’s electricity law initiative. After this, López Obrador is now considering a constitutional reform if his bill continues to face legal suspensions. During a previous morning briefing, the president said that he was sure that the legislation was not unconstitutional. However, if the Supreme Court insisted that it is, he would then send an initiative to reform the Constitution to fight the corruption he sees in the privatization of the energy sector, reported MBN.

Early this week, Judge Juan Pablo Gómez Fierro granted nine new definitive suspensions, which will prevent the president´s electricity law initiative from coming into action, according to La Jornada. Meanwhile, there are now more than 50 provisional suspensions. The definitive suspensions will be analyzed first by the court, which will determine if it they are ratified, modified of revoked. De la Peza added an additional 11 suspensions on Tuesday, while Gómez notified of another six. To date, there are 29 definitive suspension orders against the president’s energy initiative. The judges are waiting to see if the bill or the Constitution are modified to solve the suspension orders.

In regards to the bill´s current legal situation, the president has asked that his initiative be analyzed and treated as a benefit for Mexico’s population.

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Lorenzo Núñez Lorenzo Núñez Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst