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‘Made in Mexico’ Energy Efficiency is Competitive Worldwide

Rodrigo Calderón - Energetika
Director General
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‘Made in Mexico’ Energy Efficiency is Competitive Worldwide

Alejandro Chico - Energetika
Commercial and Technology Director
Alejandro Chico


Wed, 02/21/2018 - 12:58

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Q: What differentiates Energetika’s energy-efficiency model from its competitors?

A: Our competition offers rather segmented solutions. They either specialize in efficient lighting, efficient use of turbines and motors, automation or air conditioning, to name a few. In general, they specialize in isolated focal points. Energetika offers integral thermal and electric solutions, including sensors that rely on IoT for optimal energy efficiency. We connect energy efficiency to people, processes and the facility. Our solution is backed by seven years of experience in this particular sector. Our operational technologies, such as LED lights, controllers for air conditioners, enginefrequency alternators and cogeneration systems, among others, are connected through IoT in a scalable platform.


Q: How do you adapt your solutions to energy-consumption projects of different sizes?

A: We focus our system and energy-efficiency solutions on the retail, industrial and urban services sectors. The latter includes working with different municipalities, from small towns to big cities, Mexico City’s subway system, which moves 5 million people per day, and the new international airport for Mexico City, which will be one of the three largest airports in the world. If it is a scalable project, we will definitely target a foothold in it.


Q: Which service or product separates your portfolio from the competition?

A: Our lighting smart sensors, which are also our differentiator. We use them to obtain valuable data to design energy-control and management programs for our clients. Beyond a lighting system with integrated sensors, our clients are actually acquiring a scalable infrastructure that constantly communicates behavioral data in energy consumption. Our sensors use communication protocols to transmit valuable consumption information from assets, people and electric frequency variations, to name a few variables. This technology can be used in retail stores, supermarkets, buildings, factories, distribution centers and even in cities.


Q: What is the status of the lighting project for Mexico City’s subway and what other projects are in the pipeline?

A: The subway project is ongoing as we were awarded a few other stations to work on. Right now, thanks to our solution, this is one of the most modern urban mobility systems in the world. We are illuminating four times more and saving 84 percent in energy consumption than the lighting system that was previously installed in the metro stations. On the other hand, we are in our third year working alongside FEMSA facilities in several states, as well as making 150 nationwide HSBC bank branches energy efficient. Our portfolio of projects has grown at the municipal level thanks to our efficient-lighting solutions. We are greatly satisfied with the positive social impact of such projects.


Q: What is your assessment of public policies directed at energy efficiency in Mexico?

A: Coordinating an energy-efficiency policy at the federal level is a complex task. Through AMESCO, we meet once a month with CONUEE. This interaction has confirmed that CONUEE is more than aware of the issue. The commission generates relevant data on everything related to energy efficiency. Its database on energy waste in Mexico, for example, is quite thorough. But the government lacks the mechanisms required to propel a boom in energy-efficiency projects. We also need a legal and administrative framework to coordinate and prioritize projects nationwide. In addition, prior to the reform and the Energy Transition Law, government buildings received a budget to cover their energy consumption, so there was no interest in consuming less energy because energy savings meant a reduction in that budget. Now, there is compulsory content regarding energy efficiency. It should be noted that AMESCO has been essential in developing energy-efficiency projects, particularly in terms of financing.

Energetika provides energy savings and control solutions. Its energy intelligence solution uses different technologies to achieve operational connectivity that generates unique and specialized information.

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