Migrating to a New Market Dynamic: Pros and Cons

By Mónica López | Tue, 03/16/2021 - 18:31

You can read out editorial coverage of this panel here.

Experts participating in the panel “Guiding Off-Takers to Success With PPAs and Distributed Power Generation” at Mexico Energy Forum 2021 on Wednesday, Mar. 10, agreed that the current situation in the Mexican energy sector is pushing companies toward a new energy market dynamic, something that in their opinion has to be seen not as a challenge but as an opportunity. “Despite the new reforms and uncertainty, companies want to move forward with PPA contracts. We can help them to meet their needs,” said Edmond Grieger, Partner and Head of Von Wobeser & Sierra's Energy and Environment Practice. Diego Blumenkron, Sales Director at Northland Power Energía, explained the importance of understanding the current needs and trends in the Mexican energy sector. For him, in 2016, the energy sector was marginalized but today it is a highly competitive sector.

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