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Minsait Strives To Be Ideal Digitalization Partner

By Cas Biekmann | Mon, 09/06/2021 - 14:28

Q: How does the company’s international experience allow it to provide a better solution to the Mexican market?

A: We have an international focus specialized in the digital transformation. This experience informs the ongoing ID transformation business that is specific to Mexico and allows us to analyze any point of the value chain where a customer wants us to focus. As a result, we can be flexible to meet the varied needs of our customers and customize strategic solutions for them. For some, that includes a selection or combination of digital transformation consulting, selection, implementation and execution and/or operation and maintenance. Overall, our goal is to provide large companies with specific and customized technology solutions, so that they see Minsait as a partner.


Q: Why do industry heavyweights like Enel, Iberdrola and Naturgy choose Minsait to handle their digitalization efforts?

A: Our customers choose us because of our holistic approach to problem solving. Minsait combines technological understanding with consulting and, if desired, applicability. In other words, the company goes beyond analysis and presenting solutions, offering to follow through with selection, implementation and execution — sometimes even operations  — if needed. This distinguishes Minsait from other consulting and technology companies and ensures large customers are interested in us.

Additionally, with two operations centers, we have the economic scale in Mexico to ensure the efficiency of our communication with customers, which helps us address their concerns at a faster rate.


Q: How would you assess Mexico’s digital maturity in the energy sector?

A: Energy is a globalized market, so it would be useful to make sectoral distinctions between oil and gas, electricity and hydroelectric. The use of technology by any oil and gas tier 1 company tends to be the same, irrespective of the country, whether it is the US, Nigeria or Mexico. Tier 2 and local companies normally have many opportunities to apply new technologies to improve efficiency. Regulators, which are relatively new in Mexico, have the most room for improvement in both digital and technological applications.

In the energy sector, tier 1 generation companies use the same corporate contracts globally, which Mexico benefits from. Local companies can find valuable opportunities in technological applications. Furthermore, even though energy distribution and commercialization in Mexico are in the early stages of development, we have successfully helped companies find efficient technological solutions to problems that have emerged.

Finally, the way the hydroelectric sector is structured in Mexico has resulted in many small localized companies that have a hard time competing with tier 1 companies.


Q: What are some major issues energy companies are facing that can easily be mitigated, if not solved, with technology?

A: The best maintenance is not corrective but preventive. Machine learning technology and artificial intelligence help predict potential problems by analyzing asset behavior, which helps identify failures, resource consumption and even asset health to help gage investment viability.

Technology applications can also help commercialization companies improve consumer relationships. Lastly, plant operations and functionality are more efficient and practical.

The most successful product we have this year is a software for consumers that helps them analyze energy consumption to improve efficiency and their contractual standing with their supplier, leading to smarter energy purchasing.


Q: How can companies make the digitalization of the electricity market in Mexico more efficient?

A: The analytics behind all of the contracts that have been signed can help companies formulate more flexible contracts to control peak hours for selling and buying energy in a smarter way. Over time, with the use of these technologies, we expect contracts to become more sophisticated and comprehensive. As this market matures, as observed in other economies, auxiliary services will emerge and increase profitability.


Q: What are the company’s short- and long-term goals?

A: We are very well positioned among international companies, which has allowed us to successfully get access to local customers. Once again, we want to maintain the customer-partner paradigm so our customers continuously turn to us for solutions in the future.

Minsait provides efficient solutions for smart asset management, operational digitalization and multichannel client and platform management. 

Cas Biekmann Cas Biekmann Journalist and Industry Analyst