Natural Gas Pipeline May Be Built in Sonora and Baja California
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Natural Gas Pipeline May Be Built in Sonora and Baja California

Photo by:   Mike Benna - Unsplash
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Eliza Galeana By Eliza Galeana | Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/15/2023 - 10:38

Among this week’s top stories, Sempra Infrastructure, CFE and Grupo Carso signed a provisional agreement to build a natural gas pipeline in Sonora and Baja California. Meanwhile, IMP is exploring key technologies to help the oil industry adapt to the energy transition.

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Sempra, CFE and Carso Sign MOU to Build Natural Gas Pipeline

Sempra Infrastructure, CFE and Grupo Carso signed a memorandum of understanding to build a natural gas pipeline in Sonora and Baja California, interconnecting Carso’s Samalayuca-Sásabe and Sempra’s and Sásabe-Guaymas pipelines. The proposed pipeline would be about 450km and aims to deliver natural gas to CFE power plants as well as to industries and private offtakers. 

IMP Identifies Key Points for Oil Industry’s Energy Transition

Florentino Murrieta Guevara, Director of Hydrocarbons Research and Transformation, the Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP), discussed the need for the oil industry to adapt to the energy transition.

CFE Addresses Natural Gas Supply Challenges

The Board of Directors of CFE Internacional (CFEi) and CFEnergía met last week in a meeting spearheaded by Manuel Bartlett, General Director, CFE to present a new National Sovereignty and Security Model, aimed at ensuring the supply of natural gas to the country at competitive prices for CFE's electricity generation.

Nuevo Leon Advances its Green Hydrogen Development

During the second edition of the Hydrogen Expo the government of Nuevo León and private players presented their roadmap to develop green hydrogen. The initiative, called H2:30, has a seven-year vision and is divided into 3 phases: mapping and integration of the value chain, attracting investment and strengthening companies.

CFE Plans Auction to Sell Excess Natural Gas Capacity

CFE International, and CFEnergía said they will announce a plan for an auction that contributes to the development of a secondary natural gas secondary market. The company looks for private sector off takers in the US and Mexico. According to Reyes, the auction will create a dynamic in which the company will benefit from selling its excess capacity and the energy and industrial sectors will benefit from access to natural gas at a discounted rate.

Renewable Energy Causes Baja California’s Power Prices to Plunge

The consulting firm Admonitor Energy Analytics reported that on Feb. 6, 2023, the cost of electricity in Baja California Sur (BCS) dropped to zero. This became possible due to the energy produced through renewable energy plants in the region. Carlos Flores, Business Development Director, Nordex Group, told El Financiero that besides renewable energy production, transmission and congestion costs also play an important role.

BMV Becomes S&P’s Sustainability Yearbook Member

S&P’s Sustainability Yearbook includes the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) for the first time in its 2023 edition. The 2023 Yearbook selected 708 out of 7,800 assessed companies in recognition of their Corporate Sustainability Assessment.

Droughts Threaten Power Production: IMCO

IMCO has warned of the impact of droughts on power production in the coming years. Although the effects have not significantly impacted the energy or industrial sectors yet, water scarcity may affect energy production since hydroelectric power plants represent 15% of the country’s installed power production capacity. To address the problem, IMCO urged the Mexican government to update its public policies on water management and distribution. 

IDB Funding to Boost Geothermal Energy in Mexico

The Inter-American Development Bank announced it will support the Mexican government in the development of geothermal energy through the Financing and Risk Transformation Program for Geothermal Energy in Mexico.

Sargassum Could Be Used to Produce Biogas

Researchers have proposed using sargassum to produce biogas for electricity generation.  According to Norma Muñoz, the gas could be used to generate electricity for tourist resorts in the region, as well as biofuel for local public transportation fleets.

Green Hydrogen: Technology for a better tomorrow

According to Gonzalo Azcárraga, Managing Director Mexico, Sener Ingenieria, green hydrogen is one of the main pillars to achieve the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, protecting the population and the environment. Hydrogen offers the possibility of decarbonizing not only the energy sector, but also other important sectors of the economy, such as transport, industry or energy solutions in infrastructure and construction.

The Benefits for Corporations Leading the Transition To Net Zero

Andres Friedman, CEO, Solfium, talks about the importance of integrating sustainability into a company's business model in the face of growing environmental consciousness. He pointed out that sustainability-related spending should be assumed as an investment, rather than a cost, since experts point out that sustainable practice integration could increase an SME’s profit by around 50% within three to five years. 

Photo by:   Mike Benna - Unsplash

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