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New Energy Reform to be Unveiled Later This Month

By Cas Biekmann | Thu, 09/09/2021 - 17:53

A key constitutional energy reform has not gotten a date attached to it: before the end of September, congress will likely receive a proposal. In other news, LNG exports to Asia look more promising than ever and Tuesday’s earthquake meant CFE had much work in past days. Ready for more news? The weekly roundup has arrived!



Crucial Energy Reform to be Unveiled Later This Month

President López Obrador revealed during his third ‘State of the Union’ address his plans to present a bill to Congress this month intended to revamp the energy sector. The President had been discussing a constitutional reform to “rescue” state-owned utility CFE for months but has now attached a date to the plan. Industry experts question the effectiveness of such a reform given that the ruling coalition lacks the supermajority in Congress needed to push through a constitutional change.


Interest From Asian Clients in Mexican LNG Exports Grows

Mexico Pacific Limited’s CEO, Doug Shanda, told Natural Gas Intelligence that demand for Mexican LNG exports was growing rapidly in Asian markets as a result of the high prices there. Shanda’s company plans to construct an export terminal in Sonora.


Domestic Solar Heating Applications Spread Further in Mexico

The installation of solar heaters in the country has not stopped due to the pandemic. In fact, it has registered a sustained increase during the past 5 years, reported Forbes.


CFE Repairs Damage Caused by Earthquake

CFE reported that Tuesday’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake, with its epicenter in Acapulco, Guerrero, caused quite some damage to the transmission and distribution network. As a consequence, 1,914,471 electricity users were affected in Mexico City, as well as in the states of Mexico, Guerrero, Morelos and Oaxaca, representing 15 percent of all living in these states. In Mexico´s capital, 27.5 percent of all users were affected, which CFE reported it had rectified yesterday. Reportedly, some work remains to be done in Acapulco.


What Were the Strange Lights Seen During the Earthquake?

Videos of this week’s earthquake captured strange flashing lights, illuminating the light sky as power went off. After modern technology allowed these sights to be captured and shared, people went on to discuss what the lights could be. Religious and UFO-based theories were shelved soon after, but the theory of Earthquake Lights, caused by friction between rocks generating electricity, soon took prevalence. Nevertheless, skeptics point that the lights could simply be blown fuses and transformers reflected in the clouds.



Solar Can Power Half of the US by 2050

US President Joe Biden’s Energy Department issued a study saying that by 2050, half of the US can be realistically powered by solar energy as part of the government’s efforts to fight climate change.

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