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No Constitutional Reform if Not a Necessity: López Obrador

By Cas Biekmann | Wed, 03/31/2021 - 14:14

If a constitutional change can be avoided, it will not be initiated, said President López Obrador. In other news, energy projects are boosted by private and public initiatives on the local level. Ready for more? Read the roundup here!



No Constitutional Reform if Not an Absolute Necessity: López Obrador

President López Obrador assured that a reform is not inevitable: “If a constitutional reform in energy matters is not necessary, it will not be carried out,” the president said, adding that “Existing contracts will be respected” but that no new contracts in the area of hydrocarbons would be given out if his initiative in that area passes through congress.


Private Company Bets on Clean Energy Project

The private sector will invest more than US$20 million in a clean energy project in Queretaro. Beetmann Sustainable Future announced they will start supplying renewable energy  to Queretaro Industrial Park (PIQ) alongside Desarrollos Residenciales Turísticos (DRT).  The megaproject will allow large companies and industries in the complex to access renewable and sustainable electricity from 1Q2021. "We are providing a greener alternative for energy supply, in addition to neutralizing the carbon footprint by up to 90 percent. The project will allow companies to generate savings between five percent and 30 percent in their immediate energy consumption and achieve up to a 90 percent reduction in the electricity cost in just ten years," Juan Carlos García de la Cadena, CEO of Beetmann, told Diario de Querétaro.


Citi Combines Investment Banking Groups to Push Sustainability

With the goal to transition toward decarbonization, prominent global bank Citi is combining three of its investment banking groups: energy, power and chemicals. Bloomberg News reported that the new natural resources and clean energy transition group is to be headed by Steve Trauber and Sandip Sen. Citi Group, is also present in the financing of green energy projects in Mexico, for example, initiated the move as part of its own decarbonization goals.


Puebla’s Energy Agency Opens Call for Energy Investment Projects

Puebla´s Energy Agency will open a third call for energy-focused investment projects in the state. The selected projects will receive backing from the Energy Agency as well as funding through the Trust for the Sustainable Energy Development of the State of Puebla (FIDESEP). Projects deemed suitable are to be submitted to Puebla’s Technical Committee for consideration.



Ørsted to Develop Green Hydrogen Project on Dutch-Belgian Border

The Danish energy giant Ørsted is to develop a 1GW green hydrogen cluster in Western Europe, on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. The project will be powered by offshore wind energy, reported Renewables Now.


Apple Looks Toward Supply Chain’s Green Energy Supply

Apple announced that over 110 of its manufacturing partners would be switching to 100 percent renewable energy, as part of the Californian enterprise’s decarbonization goals by 2030. In addition, Apple is working to develop a large storage project in California as well.

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