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Nurturing Next-Gen Pipeline Professionals Through Networking

César Bogosian - YPP México


Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/02/2022 - 09:11

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Q: Why is YPP important for Mexico’s oil and gas industry and how does the group add value for its members?

A: The industry is moving forward despite several challenges. YPP México aims to pass on the knowledge from previous generations, with the addition of the new skills and procedures its members have learned at university and in their work. The goal is to learn and contribute to the progress of the energy industry, which has a long tradition and is crucial for Mexico’s development.

The transportation and storing of hydrocarbons, mainly natural gas, are important issues for the country. YPP focuses on natural gas, which is the ideal transition fuel toward clean energies.

Q: What are the requisites to join YPP and why should young professionals and students become members?

A: To join, members must be under 35 years old and actively working in a field related to the industry. For students, the only requisite is to be interested in the topics we are concerned with. In the past, members left YPP when they turned 35. We decided to change this rule and, currently, older members continue to provide us with advice and knowledge.

Q: Why did you decide to collaborate in the creation of YPP México and how has your experience working at CENAGAS helped you lead the group?

A: YPP is present in other countries. In 2016, the director of CENAGAS proposed creating a branch of the group in Mexico and we thought it was necessary for the country’s industry. My experience at CENAGAS has substantially helped me as it allowed me to learn about the whole of the natural gas industry and all its processes. It also highlighted the importance of diversifying YPP by including not just engineers but also lawyers, marketing professionals and actuaries.

Q: What alliances has the group made and how will the Mexican energy industry benefit from them?

A: Our first alliance is with Young Pipeliners International (YPI), which gathers all similar organizations globally. There are groups in Canada, the US, the EU, Singapore and in 2021, groups were launched in Malaysia, China and India. This alliance is important due to the international experience and broad outlook it brings us. Understanding different challenges across the world helps us to better identify our areas of opportunity in Mexico.

YPP México is also in talks with the Mexican Natural Gas Association and the Mexican Vehicular Natural Gas Association to plan a formal alliance that focuses on regulation. Our goal is to be an impartial entity. YPP’s members work in diverse companies and everybody has their own vision but we do not support any specific interest as a group.

YPP also works closely with Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), offering seminars for engineers, promoting our group and disseminating information about the importance of natural gas for electricity generation and the development of Mexico. At UNAM, we will begin offering a specific course for fifth semester students addressing pipeline integrity, overview, generation, transportation, consumption and operation of natural gas.

Q: How does the Competence Club partnership with ROSEN add value to Young Pipeliners?

A: The Competence Club is one of our main pitches for young people. ROSEN offers a broad range of free courses for YPP members. It is a great opportunity for our young pipeliners to have free access to these kinds of courses, which are usually difficult to access in this industry. Our board of directors is very aware of the importance of this partnership and we personally advise our members to make the most of their training.

Q: What challenges is the hydrocarbon pipeline industry facing in Mexico and what areas of opportunity is YPP targeting?

A: One of the main challenges in electricity generation and natural gas transportation is creating awareness that this fuel is ideal for the future. Some are already talking about it but our goal is to continue spreading information about natural gas and its importance in the transition to clean energies.

Another big challenge is the development of projects, which usually takes a long time. Once again, information is key to accelerate these processes.

Q: Recently, CFE, CFEnergía and CFEInternacional presented their 2022-2026 business plans. How will these plans help to improve natural gas supply in the southeast region of Mexico?

A: Many have tried to fix the situation in the southeast of Mexico. CENAGAS connected the Mayakan pipeline to the region because demand is high but the area is large and a single pipeline is not sufficient to serve its entirety. CFE must continue its efforts to connect the area because everyone should have access to energy, otherwise there is no development. The energy issue is crucial and CFE’s progress is key to guarantee development. There will always be friction with property owners. Discussing the importance of projects in the area is vital for their fast implementation.

Q: What is YPP México’s vision for the near future?

A: Our vision is to be an active part of the industry by having a voice in decision-making organizations. We want our members to get involved in decision-making and interact with the leaders of all private, public, NGO or regulatory organizations. We are also working to provide our members with soft skills, which are important for them to express themselves clearly.

We see ourselves actively participating in the sector. We also seek to return to our community projects. Despite being part of a technical industry, it is essential to participate in our communities.


Young Pipeline Professionals México is a nonprofit professional group for newcomers to the pipeline industry. It is committed to the development of the next generation of industry leaders through networking between young professionals, government, academia and industry players.

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