Federico Guerrero
Marketing Director
View from the Top

One-Stop Shop for Cable Management

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 11:49

Q: How does HellermannTyton provide value to the energy business in Mexico?

A: HellermannTyton is a global cable management company operating in 38 countries and we have been working in the Mexican market for over 20 years. The flourishing of renewable energies is among the niche areas in which the company adds value through our restraint, routing and identification systems for cables. But we work across many industries besides energy; we are leaders in the automotive sector and collaborate closely with OEMs. Our value proposition includes a broad portfolio of products and services tailored to each sector’s particular needs. To that end, HellermannTyton continuously invests in R&D to bring new products and technologies to the market. Our experience in the automotive and aerospace industries enriches our innovation processes and allows us to deliver more resistant and durable materials used in a variety of sectors. We are also part of the electricity manufacturing supply chain so an OEM can use our pieces to build its own equipment. We have a holistic package of solutions that can easily click with other brands.
In terms of development, we want to become even more proactive in the drafting of national regulations and to be closer to manufacturers and installers. Our strategy is to be more present with the people managing the day-today elements of projects. This includes offering webinars through the HellermannTyton Academy, participating in industry events, such as Solar Home, the Green Expo and the Wind Expo. The goal is to deliver a more personalized service that helps solidify relationship with installers.
We want to become a one-stop shop for our customers, a partner in which they can find the technical and practical knowledge they require to be fully specialized in the adequate installation and functioning of their projects.

Q: Why should renewable energy developers choose HellermannTyton when seeking electric solutions?

A: HellermannTyton guarantees the dependability of its products, which is the essence of our portfolio. When any of our products are installed, the client can be confident about its reliability. Our products also include UV protection, which means we guarantee long-term durability and hence contribute to the profitability of the whole project. To make sure our clients have all the options they need, HellermannTyton’s product portfolio offers versatility, from simple UV-protected plastics to metallic clips and many other parallel lines that allow our clients to better manage an operation’s wiring. Our identification systems comply with the highest international standards. Finally, our products are easy to install and do not require the use of any complicated tools.
When developing projects, we help our clients by developing materials that can endure high and low temperatures. All our solutions are designed to adapt to non-perforated products, which is one of our global differentiators. For example, the aluminum structure of a photovoltaic panel has no perforations. Our products can be attached through edge clips, avoiding the need to perforate the structure.
We have worked at solar parks in Villa Ahumada, Coahuila and Puerto Libertad, Sonora, just to name a few, where we displayed another key differentiator: our labeling systems. We offer labels in Spanish while most systems are limited to English. Labels can be printed at our clients’ offices.
Q: What is your assessment of the Mexican electricity system’s performance and how could it be enhanced?

A: I think the electricity system in Mexico has significantly improved. But I do perceive a gap with international standards related to materials’ resistance. This is a good area of opportunity for the sector, especially for photovoltaic and wind projects that demand high-quality products with decades-long life spans. We strive to be more present in the process of drafting Mexican regulations in order to homologate them to international standards.