Openway Riva: a Powerful IOT Solution
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Openway Riva: a Powerful IOT Solution

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Wed, 02/22/2017 - 15:18

Itron Riva is the innovative developer of OpenWay Riva, a distributed intelligence platform designed to tackle the communications challenges in the energy industry. This solution integrates a cutting-edge computing platform, distributed applications and dynamic communication technologies to optimize infrastructure control, data analysis and decision-making processes.

There are three pillars on which the technology rests. The first is unprecedented processing capabilities, equivalent to the computing power of a smartphone or desktop, inside metering or electricity-grid devices, expanding the possibilities for high-resolution data analysis and problem solving. The second pillar is locational awareness, since the technology allows measuring and grid devices to know where they are in relation to other assets on the grid, improving analytical accuracy. The third pillar refers to the interoperability of the system. This technology supports multiple application protocols and communication between devices, not just with each other but also with other systems such as distribution automation, load control/demand response and home area networks.

The applications for OpenWay Riva in the energy industry are vast, especially in a challenging environment such as Mexico. One of the most daunting problems for the Mexican electricity industry are non-technical power losses, commonly a result of electricity theft. Information provided by Itron’s technology can be used to identify, stop and deter theft in real time. The system can also be used for systematic and continued monitoring of metering and grid devices to optimize their usage and detect abnormalities.

Another challenge for the energy industry worldwide is the overload of distribution transformers. The OpenWay Riva system can analyze the loads of individual distribution transformers and manage them in real time. Based on the total load and capacity of the transformer, the technology can detect overload before it occurs and manage energy flows automatically, thus preventing damage to the equipment and infrastructure and improving the performance of the devices. The implementation of the OpenWay Riva solution in energy projects and energy infrastructure not only helps comply with the smart- metering requirements of the current administration but it can optimize power production and usage to help companies become as cost-competitive as possible.

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