PAN Proposes Massive Installation of Solar Panels
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PAN Proposes Massive Installation of Solar Panels

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María José Goytia By María José Goytia | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 05/04/2022 - 09:54

In line with its energy policy proposals, the presidency of the National Action Party (PAN) announced the installation of PV solar panels at its headquarters. During the announcement, the party promoted its new policy proposal for electricity generation using renewable energy.

Marko Cortés, National Leader, PAN announced the party’s clean power production proposal. The initiative includes the creation of the Electricity Independence For Your Home program, which would install the latest generation of solar panels at the homes of Mexican families free of charge, prioritizing the poorest households in the country.

By installing solar panels, households consume the energy they produce and the surplus is injected into the grid to be distributed. Using solar energy, households can reduce energy costs or even avoid them entirely. In addition, the risk of severe blackouts caused by a lack of electricity supply would be avoided.

After the defeat of López Obrador’s energy reform, Marko Cortés challenged the president and his administration to back up PAN’s initiative "PAN has always defended clean and renewable energy. That is why we challenge MORENA and López Obrador to accept our proposal, so that we all vastly and universally generate clean and renewable energy on our roofs. Those who consume the least will pay nothing and the rest will pay much less for electricity bills,” said Cortés.

To implement the policy, PAN proposes to allocate a budget of MX$4.18 billion (US$204.6 million). The resources would strictly not be used to benefit local or municipal governments, nor the federal government or political parties.

Cortés revealed the policy during an announcement regarding the installation of solar panels at the party's central office.

PAN's National Leader made a call to support the proposal: "Addressing the precariousness and inequality of the country’s underprivileged households becomes a necessary task for those of us that share the desire for a better life for all. That is why we promote access to electricity for all Mexicans under the principles of sufficiency, continuity, cleanliness, safety, sustainability and accessibility."

According to México Evalua, around 13.5 million Mexicans live under energy poverty, defined by lack of access to energy services. However, the presence of some degree of energy poverty affects around 36.7 percent of Mexican households. Energy poverty is not only related to access to energy, but also to its quality and reliability.

During the discussion of President López Obrador's energy reform, the opposition bloc formed by PAN, PRI, and PRD launched its counter-proposal. The initiative included 12 key points, which include establishing access to energy as a human right, the implementation of mechanisms for self-supply and promoting clean energy. The proposal will be introduced in Congress during the next legislative period.

Photo by:   Pixabay

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