The Possible of Mexico´s Energy Mix

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 16:46

Q: What should Mexico’s energy mix look like in the long term?

A: I would expect that by 2050, Mexico will have a significant proportion of electricity generated by renewable sources and nuclear power. Due to few possibilities for large dams, there will only be two or three more large hydroelectric plants. I would also predict 40,000MW of wind energy being generated by 2050, 10,000MW of solar, and between 20,000MW and 30,000MW of nuclear electricity. Mexico also has geothermal capacity, and around 10,000MW can probably be generated with this resource, which is minimal. Geothermal is limited, as it is not a resource that can be expanded indefinitely. I think climate change will hugely impact the world’s energy sector sooner or later. This will become a major and overriding issue overv the next decade, and without nuclear it will be difficult to enhance economic development and mitigate climate change simultaneously. There have been discussions on constructing an entire electricity grid with renewables, the intelligence of which would need to be high in order to account for the intermittent nature of the resources. Even if power generation was possible through exclusive use of renewables, it would be extremely expensive for a number of technical reasons. Nuclear will undergo a dramatic evolution, with new technologies available, more safety, and smaller reactors less prone to accidents. If we are going to be serious about climate change and we want to grow, we need to be serious about nuclear energy.

Gabriel Quadri, Director General of Enerclima