Power Electronics' UL Outdoor Set

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 16:19

PV project developers in Mexico also need to look north when determining which solution is best for them. The Mexican industry tends to work toward regional homogenization and the country’s proximity to the US means developers prefer a solution that is adaptable to both countries.

Just as important is a more integrated solution, where companies no longer need to seek out every element of the required infrastructure. These solutions not only make processes easier but they help keep costs down.

Power Electronics provides a wide range of complete solutions for PV project developers that address key industry needs. Its outdoor sets include a transformer alongside a solar inverter, making it a complete and integrated solution that complies with the requirements of utility-scale PV plants.

Of its several offerings, Power Electronics’ UL Set is among the best-suited to the Mexican market due to its physical assets and connection characteristics. The UL Set comprises a pad-mount type transformer of up to 2.5MW and the HEC Plus AC solar inverter. The design of the transformer allows a quicker and less risky connection than conventional transformers. It transforms a 400Vac-690Vac input voltage to 7.2kV, 14.4kV and 34.5kV output voltage. 

Importantly, the UL Set complies with the basic requirements of the country’s northern neighbor – an important advantage for cross-border consistency. The UL Set meets US requirements for medium or low-voltage power connections, making it a perfect fit for the Mexican market.

The HEC Plus AC, included in the UL Set, enables the AC side connection and reduces installation costs to a minimum. HEC Plus AC is the most potent and reliable inverter in the market, maximizing efficiency in output voltages from 400Vac to 460Vac for medium and utility-scale PV installations. This set is the most cost-effective solution for utility-scale PV plants because of its capacities, unique design and the flexibility it provides the customer.

With the market evolution following the Energy Reform and constant technology development, solar energy has experienced an upsurge in the country. Mexico expects to produce 35 percent of its energy from clean sources by 2024, which has increased the development of renewable energy projects. The results of the first two power auctions made clear that solar energy is here to stay. Given the large number of projects that will be developed in the years to come and the low costs seen at the auctions, cost-effectiveness will be more important than ever. The UL Set is an attractive innovation that will allow utilityscale projects to be competitive.