Juan Kuri
VP and Country Manager Mesoamerica
Siemens PLM Software
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Power Ushers in New Tech Era

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 15:44

By many accounts, it is the best of technological times for power companies in Mexico. Liberalization is bringing in the latest advancements from abroad, helping develop the local market and ushering in an era of technology-driven innovations, according to Juan Kuri, VP and country manager of Mesoamerica at Siemens PLM Software. Kuri believes the transformation the Mexican power market is undergoing also will present new opportunities to introduce best international practices to companies, boosting competitiveness in the national industry and forcing local players to match their competitors’ technologies and capabilities. “Technology in Mexico was quite underdeveloped but with the liberalization of the market, companies are driven to optimize generation processes and become more cost-efficient through technological developments,” he says.

Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of Siemens Digital Factory Division, is a global leader in providing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software. It has 140,000 customers worldwide and has sold over 15 million licenses. These technologies have already had an important impact on transnational companies with different facilities all over the world. Before, companies spent time and resources, both staff and financial, to hire personnel to assess the state of their facilities and measure or collect data. New technologies allow companies to monitor their facilities in real time, delivering immediate cost reductions and avoiding unexpected maintenance by detecting possible failures before they happen. “When a company has the ability to digitally monitor or simulate power generation processes, they can make better and more efficient decisions thus helping their innovation processes,” says Kuri. Siemens' technological solutions portfolio addresses the changes and challenges the power industry will face as it continues to evolve. According to Kuri, the focus of Siemens’ PLM software division is power generation, but also the traceability needs in efficiency, energy control without power loss, specification and maintenance control and techniques. “Traceability, a key added value from Siemens, allows companies to accurately monitor and acquire data to make their processes more efficient.”

The division also is working to create engineering development solutions for power generation processes. Its Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) software gives developers the ability to simulate the power generation process and all its engineering components to realize the optimal construction method. The data acquired from this software also allows companies to optimize their methods and processes, making it a perfect fit for the evolving market, where cost-efficiency in production is not only desired, but expected.

As a global company, Siemens has several advantages over its competitors but what makes their software solutions stand out is their portfolio integration. “One of the main challenges regarding software is the homogenization of solutions. Typically, software companies create specific solutions that are different from each other so the next challenge for them will be to create data management platforms to add value,” Kuri says. “Siemens, on the other hand, does not need these platforms because of the diversity of our portfolio and the homogenization of our data.” Despite the company’s size, its “best practices” system ensures a close relationship with customers and tailored solutions for companies that are unsure which solution would best fit their needs according to the size and nature of the business. “Assessment, technology implementation and technical support are carried out either by us or our distribution networks depending on size and location.”

The company also strives to aid companies seeking to improve their energy management, which is considered one of the main areas of opportunity for growth in the power industry. “Siemens’ systems can interconnect with companies’ systems and for us the right model is to adapt our software to financing systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), allowing companies to have a dashboard that controls not only technical but also financial aspects.” Siemens sees the Mexican market moving into a more enhanced technological era, with international companies fueling the advancement by sponsoring various types of technology and incentivizing their adoption.