José María Cu Cañetas
Director General
The Energy Agency Of The State Of Campeche
View from the Top

Preparing Campeche for Greater Success

Mon, 02/25/2019 - 12:26

Q: What is the story behind the creation of Campeche’s Energy Agency and what are its attributions and long-term objectives?
A: The agency was created by executive agreement published on July 28, 2017. Our mission is to manage and promote the development of energy projects in a safe, reliable, profitable and sustainable manner and to generate employment and welfare opportunities for the people of the State of Campeche. Our priority is to detonate and take advantage of the opportunities brought by the Energy Reform. In this regard, Campeche has prepared to become the most important oil and gas hub in Mexico. We were the first state to evaluate its energy balance, considering the strength of the state in terms of energy. It is important to note that we have hydrocarbon reserves and large areas suitable for renewable energy generation, positioning our entity as a producer and natural generator of energy. Campeche has conducted an unprecedented in-depth study in which it identified a broad portfolio of projects in the field of energy. The agency also has a business model designed to foster national and international alliances between the public, social and private sectors, for the development of strategic energy projects.
Q: What clean energy technologies is Campeche best suited to develop?
A: After analyzing the results of our energy balance evaluation, we concluded that Campeche has a series of business opportunities in the field of energy. Although the first place is occupied by the hydrocarbons sector, it should be noted that, in turn, Campeche has optimal areas for the development of clean energy projects, including a wind farm, a solar park and two biodigesters. The geographical location of the state and its potential in natural resources allow us to continue evaluating other probable sources of renewable energy such as hydroelectric turbines since we have four hydrological regions, seven basins and 2,200km2 of coastal lagoons.
Q: How is the agency aligning to the new administration’s agenda?
A: We know that the new administration plans to increase Mexico’s oil and gas production through PEMEX’s top-tier assets and this policy will give national and local service companies the opportunity to participate in the NOC’s plans. With respect to local content, Campeche has more than 30 years of experience providing offshore services to the oil fields of PEMEX. The government of the State of Campeche is working on programs to promote, develop and train local companies to receive and offer new services to new operators. The government of the State of Campeche is working on the modernization of state ports, considering Ciudad del Carmen’s role as the base of operations and logistics of PEMEX for more than 30 years.
In terms of renewable energy, Campeche is prepared to incorporate the development of wind farms, solar parks and even offshore wind farms with state-of-the-art technology and skilled labor. We are also assessing the opportunity to develop onshore and maritime pipelines along with storage facilities to become a focal point for hydrocarbons and fuels logistics.
Q: What are the key ingredients to attract investment in clean energy projects for the state?
A: The state has a potential for proven reserves of hydrocarbons and large areas of renewable energy generation. Having the natural resource for the generation of clean energies is the main asset and ingredient for the development of these projects. Aside from the energy wealth of the state, Campeche is in a strategic location as the gateway to the south-east of the country and the bridge between the center and the peninsular region. That is why the new energy development strategy of the state identifies specific cases of business initiatives that consolidate a portfolio of investments in the order of about US$1.25 billion, consisting of 16 specific projects that will allow the comprehensive development of our state.