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President Publishes Policy Memorandum, CRE Withdraws Agreements

By Cas Biekmann | Thu, 08/13/2020 - 17:38

CRE withdraws five agreements that had been scheduled for official publication. AMLO sent out a memorandum hinting deeper changes in the energy sector. Internationally, Jinko Solar unveiled a high-power variant of its Tiger Pro module and wind turbine maker Nordex positions itself for growth despite facing losses in 2020.

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CRE Withdraws Five Agreements Scheduled for Official Publication

According to El Financiero, CRE withdrew its request to publish five agreements on the government’s Official Gazette. As a result, these agreements have lost their validity. Three of the agreements stem from the previous administration and two were initiated by the current government.  

Among the agreements that were vetoed was one allowing development of ‘collective generation’. This would empower companies that produce their own energy through solar panels to sell surplus energy to other consumers sharing the same electricity rates and interconnection point. These three agreements, according to industry sources, are aligned with the government’s policy to limit private energy generation.

Part of the other agreements was one to guarantee open access and the provision of services in the national transmission and distribution network. Another concerned activities regarding energy storage.


What a Constitutional Change Could Mean for the Sector

According to a memorandum by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico might need to change its energy policy to be able to rescue state production companies PEMEX and CFE, reported Bloomberg News. The president goes as far as to suggest a constitutional change to the energy reform is not out of the question. MBN experts weigh in on the issue.

The memorandum does not contain exact steps and actions but does provide insight into the president’s vision on how to strengthen the state’s role in the energy sector. He suggests that a constitutional change is not off the table to facilitate the administration’s ultimate goal to once again bring back PEMEX and CFE to prominence.


López Obrador Ponders Selling Natural Gas to Asia

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is considering granting private companies the ability to sell liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Asia, a step that could resolve a current oversupply of LNG that CFE is not able to use for its gas-based power plants, reported BN Americas. A possible solution would be to allow private companies to market natural gas to Asia, focusing on filling gaps in demand in Japan. The president had Sempra Energy in mind to carry out this task, along with its Mexican subsidiary IEnova.



Jinko Solar Unveils 610W N-Type Tiger Pro Module

Jinko Solar, one of the main players in the solar module manufacturing ‘super league’, with a significant presence in Mexico, unveiled a new generation of module: the 610W N-Type Tiger Pro Module, which was presented by the company on Aug. 7. The module will officially be shown at SNEC 2020 in Shanghai.


Nordex Reports Double Revenues but Hit on Profits for 1H20

The German wind turbine maker managed to double its sales compared to the same period last year. Nonetheless, pressure from COVID-19 meant the company’s EBITDA was hit severely, resulting in a US$212.8 million loss. To deal with this issue, Nordex has taken on debt from the German federal government to ensure that the company keeps its growing momentum, reported Renewables Now.

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