Alonso Guarneros
Managing Director
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Problems that Modular Seals Solve in the Energy Industry

Wed, 02/19/2014 - 14:29

Q: How will Roxtec position itself in the electricity market?

A: Roxtec is stronger in the Mexican oil industry than any of its competitors, but CFE is our second largest customer after PEMEX. We could not have imagined this situation two years ago, but CFE found out about modular seals. We have been sealing several electrical substations for CFE and we have been working on distribution for five substations. Transmission is an important segment for the company, since this market consists of 450 substations plus the ones that are yet to be built. The distribution area includes over 1,000 substations, which makes it a huge potential market for us. We are also beginning to work with other companies in the wind energy industry and in cogeneration plants. This is an important sector and it is easy to cater to as foreign companies have used similar solutions in their countries of origin.

Q: How do your products and services add value for your clients?

A: We talk to business owners and EPC companies and once they agree on the projects, we jump into front-end engineering development, which is followed by detailed engineering. The installation process becomes easier as each step becomes more standardized after everything has been specified at the design stage. Our technicians can modify cabling systems without having to carry out civil engineering each time. It is hard to measure the consequences of not having proper seals. Cabling is an easy procedure but it has put a lot of companies out of operation. We provide operational reliability so engineers can worry about important things and not waste time on trivial matters, such as water or dust getting into the system.