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Prospects Abound in Distributed Energy Sector: NRG Ingeniería

Magdiel Camargo - NRG Ingeniería
Director General


Cas Biekmann By Cas Biekmann | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 02/18/2022 - 09:05

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Q: What were NRG Ingeniería’s biggest challenges to expand throughout the country?

A: NRG Ingeniería, conceived over 12 years ago, is an energy services company specialized in industrial energy installation. The company has grown in tandem with the energy demand in the industrial sector. Our most significant growth period took place within the last five years, following the large-scale renewable energy products that were enabled by the Energy Reform of 2013.

As the energy market entered a new era, one of our first projects was with an Italian company. The project faced many challenges in Mexico, including language, cultural and capacity barriers. At the time, we were a relatively small company carrying out a 260MW project. NRG was building the plane as it was flying it, contending with unclear compliance and safety standards and refining construction methods with no projects to reference. This project was uniquely important for the company because it allowed us to grow beyond our perceived capabilities and discover new market avenues.


Q: How did the company’s project for automotive company Brose come about and how will the company use this experience to build power plants for other industrial players?

A: Brose is one of the first German companies to establish a presence in Queretaro. For its second plant in the state, it deferred to NRG Ingeniería to meet its quality standards. Our work spoke for itself and, from that point onward, Brose has deferred to our expertise to carry out various projects, including electrical installation, testing, project coordination and illumination.

Ultimately, Brose’s confidence in NRG Ingeniería is proof of our work and essential to building a reputation abroad, providing valuable assets in a highly competitive market.


Q: The energy market has contracted amid the uncertainty generated by the proposed energy reform. How has NRG Ingeniería adapted to this new environment?

A: The looming energy reform has undoubtedly cast a shadow of uncertainty over Mexico’s energy market. Nevertheless, there are options for organizations to pursue. The principal challenge is communicating that although the renewable energy sector is on hiatus, there are many viable prospects within the distributed energy sector.

We are facing this challenge through strategic partnerships, such as our consolidation with Siemens Energy. This alliance promotes the adoption of new products and creates financial solutions to provide clients a holistic alternative. Market projects for 2022 look good and we are optimistic that we will begin to break ground on some projects.


Q: What objectives does NRG Ingenería plan to accomplish by the end of 2022?

A: NRG Ingeneria has two main objectives for 2022: to keep promoting the development of distributed energy projects in partnership with Siemens Energy and the continued research and analysis of electrical testing. We had several projects in this field during the past few years so we accumulated fixed capital assets for them; it would be wasteful not to use them. Finally, we look forward to the resumption of energy projects that were either put on hold or on notice. Either way, we look forward to a busy year.

NRG Ingeniería focuses on electrical infrastructure projects for public and private sectors. It specializes in renewable energy power plants and other high voltage installations.

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