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Puebla’s Energy Agency Opens Call for Energy Investment Projects

By Cas Biekmann | Wed, 03/31/2021 - 11:45

Puebla's Energy Agency will open a third call for energy-focused investment projects in the state. The selected projects will receive backing from the Energy Agency as well as funding through the Trust for the Sustainable Energy Development of the State of Puebla (FIDESEP). Projects deemed suitable are to be submitted to Puebla’s Technical Committee for consideration.

By initiating a transparent and competitive process, the Energy Agency aims to be a proactive factor in both the public initiative and the management of the project. The goal is to meet Puebla’s energy needs and foster its competitivity and wellness for its citizens.

Projects can participate within the categories of energy efficiency and distributed generation, natural gas supply, waste-to-energy and biofuel developments. Each project must select one modality in energy infrastructure and equipment; executive projects, permits and feasibility studies or training, consulting and certifications. The Energy Agency reports that registration is open from April 26 to May 7, 2021. If projects meet the evaluation guidelines, they can receive financial aid from FIDESEP of up to MX$20 million (around US$ 972,000).

“The agency will invest in projects that generate wealth for Puebla. That is how it should be; the government should invest in projects that generate benefits for the country. Social goals are key to the agency as well, but it will focus on communities’ economic development. The agency wants to supply sustainable energy so people can boost their own economic development. Economic development strengthens social well-being and security,” said Rodrigo Osorio, Head of the Energy Agency of Puebla in an MBN interview last year. In regards to Puebla’s energy mix, Osorio said the state values variation and balance: “We would like to have a solar park with flow batteries to mitigate energy peaks. Natural gas and combined cycle generation will be important as well. We are not excluding any option regarding clean energy. Approximately, there is a 70-30 percent balance, where 70 percent is intermittent energies and 30 percent is natural gas plus others. Puebla is already on its way toward developing renewable energies. In the past five years, 50 percent of Puebla’s 7GW energy use came from renewable sources installed in the state. Increasing these numbers is a big challenge, but you have to dream big. The team has all the necessary talent and is ready to take on new opportunities,” he said.

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The Energy Agency of Puebla
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