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Pushing the Solar PV Industry with Innovation and Quality

Francisco Alcalde - Astronergy
Country Manager


Perla Velasco By Perla Velasco | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 02/17/2023 - 16:50

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Q: What does the Mexican market represent for Astronergy? 

A: The Mexican market is strategic for Astronergy. Large-scale projects have notably not developed as expected in recent years. However, as a company, we believe the distributed generation (DG) environment will flourish. This will help us push for the opening of these large-scale projects. The Mexican market is a global reference point and we want to support this development with our technology. Astronergy should become an important technology benchmark in the country.

As a leading brand worldwide, Astronergy dedicates much of its efforts to the research and development of photovoltaic cells and modules. This allows us to be the spearhead in the development of new technologies and to introduce them to the market. Nowadays, positioning is about who has the best projects, how companies continuously improve themselves and what quality they are delivering. For us, it is crucial to deliver in all these areas and back up Astronergy’s stellar reputation.

Additionally, we have a highly qualified and committed team that allows us to deliver a sense of urgency and commitment to customer service. Astronergy’s track record obliges it to exceed the expectations set by its certifications and awards.

Q: What are the benefits of TOPCon technology over more traditional PERC solutions? 

A: We have no doubt that N-Type TOPCon technology will replace Mono PERC tech. Throughout 2022, this new technology was received very well. The company embarked on a natural and progressive path to deliver optimal technology and the greatest efficiency to the market. The main difference is that N-Types deliver greater power and efficiency compared to PERC, above 20 percent greater efficiency for the same surface, which is 15W to 20W on average. By delivering a better temperature coefficient, enhanced performance is gained. In the case of bifacial modules, they deliver more power, by approximately 80 percent. They even have a better, more aesthetic design, which the market also demands. Additionally, the compatible multi-busbar technology, means that a solar cell is equipped with 11 busbars that gains the user 0.6% more of an energy yield than panels with 10 busbars or fewer, as well as preventing panel degradation and enhancing performance. With all these benefits, N-Type technology is approaching the low costs of PERC technology. Our prices have been some of the most competitive in the market, making high performance affordable.

Astronergy does not launch anything on the market without extensive testing because we understand the standards required by laboratories, certifications and our projects. Astronergy is betting on N-Type because it has better efficiency, higher quality standards and delivers greater returns on investment. This makes it feasible for any scale.

Q: What does smart manufacturing mean in terms of traceability and efficiency?

A: Astronergy uses big data, artificial intelligence and fully automated processes during its manufacturing. This minimizes the risks of manufacturing defects and creates unnecessary costs for our clients. Our goal is to deliver products of the highest quality and efficiency in the market under the most rigorous manufacturing standards, with an adequate traceability during each of these key processes. We recently won the contribution award in the field of carbon neutrality in the photovoltaic industry and the special contribution award for the comparative analysis of technical and commercial measures related to the carbon footprint of PV products.

Q: How does Astronergy contribute to Mexico in terms of innovation and what opportunities and challenges have you identified for 2023?

A: In northern Mexico, we have several projects under development. We want to start 2023 by pushing the development of the industry. We also are in advanced stages of developing DG projects through strategic alliances with other important companies. One of Astronergy’s main objectives is to actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and these projects will boost this mission. We must push for a change so that more Mexicans join the energy transition.

While we are still waiting for large-scale projects to reactivate, Astronergy will focus its efforts on the DG market to position the brand through availability, technology and efficiency, increasing its market share in Mexico.

We want to contribute by spreading important information and spurring on development, making each project more profitable and driving the much-needed energy transition. In Mexico, this trend is about to boom and positioning will come down to who has done their homework in development. We believe that our curriculum and experience can contribute to Mexico becoming a watershed regarding the development of our brand.


Astronergy is committed to the R&D, production and sales of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells and modules, and the launch of ASTRO high-efficiency modules.

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