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Queretaro Aims to Guarantee Energy Security for all Citizens

By Eliza Galeana | Fri, 09/30/2022 - 14:51

During the First Session of the Advisory Council of the Energy Agency of the State of Querétaro, Kuri González, Governor of Queretaro, recalled his commitment to providing energy to every citizen in the state. He said that the end goal of his administration is to provide electricity to 3,700 families who lack access to it. Therefore, his government will allocate US$2.49 million a year. 

Mauricio Reyes, Director, the Energy Agency of Queretaro, said that the state is a pioneer in the full-scale electrification of homes through the installation of solar panels. “This project will provide the proper conditions for the development of electrical infrastructure and alternative energy sources that our state needs, to guarantee current and future growth,” said Reyes.

The governor stressed the importance of betting on a more sustainable government, with the installation of photovoltaic solar systems on top of government buildings serving as an alternative to a cleaner environment.

The Energy Agency of Queretaro, created in October 2021, focuses on the development of projects to promote the use of renewable energies, nurture efficient energy use and contribute to decarbonization. 

Reyes assured that since its creation, the agency has been working on an Electrical Infrastructure Project to satisfy the energy supply of companies aiming to settle in the state, or those that wish to expand operations.

The governor encouraged the members of the Advisory Council and representatives of the Energy Agency to double down on these efforts, build further value chains and work together to engender sustainable development in the state.

Despite Mexico’s favorable wind and sun resources, which would facilitate the use of decentralized renewable energy technology, thousands of communities do not have access to basic energy services. According to the socio-demographic panorama carried out by INEGI in 2020, 1 percent of homes in Mexico live without electricity. This amounts to more than 352,000 homes, or about 1.2 million people. The states with the largest energy backlogs are Oaxaca, Chiapas and Quintana Roo.

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