Bulmaro Rojas
Managing Director
Generac Ottomotores
View from the Top

Reliable Backup Ensures Energy Continuity

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 12:47

Q: What power-generation issues do your clients typically face and how does your company solve them?

A: The primary reason our clients look to us is to address their backup-power requirements and guarantee their business continuity, including hospitals, schools, banks and data centers, among others. The sudden loss of power in critical applications can have life-threatening implications in the healthcare industry and impose a heavy cost for the aforementioned businesses, which rely on these solutions. Other clients require energy-quality solutions. Across the country, electricity infrastructure varies greatly and this impacts the quality of energy supply. For instance, in the Bajio region, with all the energy-intensive industries implanted there, including aeronautics and automotive, quality energy is a must and Generac Ottomotores offers a clean and stable energy solution.

Our mobile applications also enjoy great success among our clients. The company’s mobile power generators can be towed any place and our lighting towers are in high demand in the construction industry. This is particularly useful where work is done throughout the night, like highway construction and repair, NAICM, mines and seaports, among others. Generac Ottomotores is the world’s largest manufacturer of lighting towers including LED technology. Our competitive advantage lies in our vast product portfolio, which anticipates our clients’ needs. The company’s power generators range from capacities of 800W to 3,250kW. They can work with a wide array of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, natural gas and biofuel. Our solutions fit virtually any economic sector where power is required. We supply turnkey solutions. We analyze our clients’ electricity needs and offer solutions based on them.


Q: What benefits has the merger of Generac and Ottomotores in 2012 generated for the company?

A: Between Ottomotores’ strength in the market for over 67 years and the technological and financial capabilities of Generac, the market has the benefit of accessing top-tier engines and alternator technologies with an ample product portfolio. Generac’s continuous investment in R&D brings the market state-of-the-art products and solutions that range from a “happy camper” to powering an entire city. This has allowed us to diversify our product portfolio and has generated record profits in 2017 as the Generac brand anchored its position in the Mexican market.


Q: How has this technological advantage transformed your latest products?

A: Generac Ottomotores always works ahead of the market’s needs. Mexico’s industrial sector has undergone considerable regulatory changes, many targeting energy efficiency. Our top-tier voltage regulated engines generate more energy with less fuel consumption, adding value and improving Total Cost of Ownership. We are also focusing heavily on our natural gasfueled products as demand has increased and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We are at the crossroads where the possibility of using eco-friendly fuel sources like natural gas is made more practical by lower operational costs, making energy efficiency our main differentiator.


Q: What are Generac Ottomotores’ priorities for its global strategy?

A: The company’s global strategy is based on four main pillars. First, increase our share of the residential market. In the US, we hold 75 percent of the market and we are developing tailored solutions for Mexico and Latin America. Second, increase our market share in the industrial sector, with top-tier, efficient, virtually noiseless, environmentally friendly solutions, conditions that are highly valued to obtain a LEED-certification. Third, we will push our natural gas business forward. Our largest capacity for natural gas in a single unit is 500kW. For 2018, we will introduce 600kW natural gas gensets while engineering 1,000kW natural gas solutions. Fourth, Generac will continue its global expansion and enter new locales. Mexico will play a major role, being a key platform for an increased participation in Latin America.

Generac Ottomotores is a part of Generac Power Systems group, operating in the residential, commercial and industrial, segment. It offers gas, diesel, bifuel, gasoline, mobile and portable electric generators from 800W up to 3.2MW.