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Weekly Roundups

Ricardo Anaya Allegedly Bribed to Support the Energy Reform

Thu, 08/26/2021 - 18:40

Documents revealed by FGR claim to prove that Ricardo Anaya was bribed to vote in favor of the Energy Reform. The accusation is based on the testimony of former PEMEX Director Emillio Lozoya Austin, along with three additional witnesses. Anaya was called to testify at a preliminary hearing earlier in the week but fled the country instead of attending, claiming that the summons was an act of political persecution against him and that he would be willing to testify if President López Obrador’s brothers also testified regarding accusations of corruption made against them by journalists.  

Ready for More? Here’s the Week in Energy!

Yucatan Governor, Minister of Energy Discuss Energy Matters

In an effort to solve Yucatan’s precarious energy supply situation, an issue stemming from the region’s isolation from the rest of the national grid (SIN) and insufficient access to the natural gas pipeline system, the state’s governor and the Minister of Energy met to discuss various infrastructure projects. Mauricio Vila Dosal, Governor of Yucatan, and Minister of Energy Rocío Nahle also discussed renewable energy development, given Yucatan’s advantages for the development of these projects. Vila and Nahle also addressed key public energy projects, including two combined cycle power plants CFE plans to construct in the state.

Global Infrastructure Partners Acquires Saavi Energía

Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) has acquired major Mexican power producer Saavi Energía from sustainable infrastructure investor Actis. The terms of the transaction were not released to the public. This acquisition is GIP’s first direct equity investment in Mexico, although the firm has previously invested US$325 million in Saavi through a loan. The secured term loan from 2020 is to be repaid as part of this transaction. Saavi Energia itself was created after Actis acquired InterGen’s Mexican portfolio for US$1.256 billion in April of 2018. "We are very pleased with the sale of Saavi Energía to GIP. Our investment in Saavi is a great example of our replicable strategy to build, acquire and grow independent power producers that provide affordable, reliable and clean energy to the communities in which we invest. We remain committed to Mexico, where we see a healthy pipeline of investment opportunities to replicate our value creation thesis,” said Michael Harrington, Partner in Energy at Actis.

CDP Recognizes Companies Fighting Climate Change

In its A-List, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has now recognized the companies that are spearheading the fight against climate change through the management of their environmental risks and other best practices. CDP, an NGO that supports companies in the management of their environmental impact, cites that 277 companies made it to this year’s climate change A-List, 16 companies to its forests A-List and 106 to its water security A-List.

Gas Price Caps on the Rise

For the fourth consecutive week since their announcement, gas price caps have risen, this time, to MX$23.26/kg, sixteen cents higher than last week. Price caps were implemented by the López Obrador administration to help families acquire this basic resource and prevent sellers from abusing gas prices. Ever since the measure was announced by CRE, it has been met with controversy. A national strike was called immediately, affecting approximately 28 million households who are dependent on gas to produce heat and cook food.

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