ROSEN: Going Above and Beyond Normative Standards
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ROSEN: Going Above and Beyond Normative Standards

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Gustavo Nunez - ROSEN Group
Managing Director of Mexico and Central America
Nancy Espinoza, ROSEN
Nancy Espinoza - ROSEN Group


For Mexico’s ever-expanding and crucially important pipeline network, one normative standard that orients the sector toward safety is NOM-009-ASEA-2017. With its application, pipeline operators aim to guarantee integrity and reduce any possibility for accidents. But how can companies go beyond compliance? ROSEN Group provides an answer with its integrity management approach.

Transporting hydrocarbons, such as petroleum or natural gas, is an essential activity for the Mexican industry and the reasons for an integral normative standard are clear. While it is true that accidents are few and far between, the incidents that do occur often have a terrible impact. Not only is the environment and human safety at risk but issues such as repairs and shutdowns can also incur high costs.

Due to the presence of this substantial hazard, companies need to do everything they can to minimize risks. ROSEN believes that collecting data toward optimal integrity management solutions is the gold standard to achieve that result. “Anything you can do to prevent an incident, such as a leak or a spill, ties into what data you have and the plan you implement to mitigate risks. ROSEN takes great pride in making this risk management happen and mitigating the possibility of any incidents occurring,” Gustavo Nunez, Managing Director of the Mexico and Central America Sector at ROSEN Group, told MBN. By generating all this data, ROSEN saves companies from having a slanted vision. “The goal is to mitigate the most relevant threats instead of zooming in too much on minor issues,” said Nunez.

Gathering essential information so that ROSEN can establish an optimal preventive maintenance approach is the name of the game, which in turn assures the desired integrity of pipeline assets. Nancy Espinoza, Engineer at ROSEN, believes the company excels in providing the technological and structural expertise needed for optimal services. “At ROSEN, we are a company comprising both national and international experts; therefore, we have the capacity to develop specific integrity solutions with a global perspective for addressing the client’s needs,” she said.

The company’s broad capacity is a real benefit here. “ROSEN’s expertise is multidisciplinary. We are not just focused on in-line inspections. We cover the entire range of integrity solutions. As an example, we can provide software solutions that monitor and prevent cracks, risk and corrosion.. We have top-notch human resources and optimal technology available for clients and offer the best possible solutions to ensure integrity of assets, reliable maintenance and safe operations. We extend the asset’s life cycle,” said Espinoza.

ROSEN addresses the business case of the pipeline, enhancing its profitability over time rather than limiting itself to ensuring safety. But why stop there, Nunez wonders. “We ask how we can go beyond these established standards and make the environment even safer while striving for a 0-incident result,” he emphasized.

One way to achieve this is by learning from other markets around the globe. “There is a slight difference between what ASEA stipulates and additional good practices we see implemented in countries like the US. It is important for ROSEN to distinguish itself here and share our experiences to improve environmental safety in Mexico,” Nunez added.

ROSEN also adds value through its close relationship with clients, said Espinoza: “While we are able to get to know the pipelines by accessing more information and through constant contact with operators, we have also managed to better understand our clients’ needs. This has allowed us to identify areas of opportunity within their system and develop integrity solutions that are more advanced than those initially proposed, such as reviewing corrosion management systems and class locations.”

Establishing such a bond is what makes ROSEN tick. “We feel very satisfied when we create this type of constant and close communication with clients. It allows us to go past the expectations, not only to deliver results for one service but to have the chance to contribute our wider abilities and expertise, all while looking to optimize assets,” added Espinoza.

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