Scania Announces New Power Generation Business Line
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Scania Announces New Power Generation Business Line

Photo by:   Artur Kechter
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By Kristelle Gutiérrez | Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 06/13/2022 - 15:29

Scania México recently revealed its newest business line, focused on developing marine and industrial power generation engines to supply the domestic market and help feed Mexico’s country's electric energy demand. With over 130 years of experience, the company is venturing into different sectors while keeping its commitments to sustainability and efficient mobility.

During the Expo Eléctrica Internacional 2022, a series of events for companies to showcase their products and clients to explore viable options in different sectors, Scania executives presented the company’s main project in development.

Jorge Navarro, People Transport Solution, Scania Buses said “we are very excited to venture into Scania’s new business model in Mexico. We are sure that the reputation built over 25 years in this country will be greatly relevant to providing the technical support and services that our clients need in these types of industries”. The company revealed some of the features of its newly developed engines incorporating this industry’s latest technologies, such as two types of fuel injections, Pulsed Detonation Engines (PDE) and Extreme Pressure Injection (XPI), control of the engine system, as well as the installation of a centrifugal oil filter.

Some of the company’s main practical objectives are related to optimizing the experience of its clients, for example by increasing uptime and productivity, reducing operational costs and minimizing their environmental impact. Scania México has confirmed its commitment to sustainability and the environment by reducing emissions and having a cleaner and more efficient mobility through its products. The company says innovations contribute to using significantly lower fuel levels, which is approximately one-tenth of the average amount used in other, similar products.

The added features contribute to the overall optimization of power production, as they improve the power-weight ratio, expand the engines’ life expectancy and help lower maintenance costs. The guidelines that Scania follows comply with the Stage V emissions standards, as well as with the Tier 4 engine emissions standards, which are widely considered to be the strictest US Environmental Protection Agency emissions requirement for off-highway diesel engines, according to an article by Cross.

“It is important that our clients know that we offer a wide variety of engines, and as that is the core basis of Scania. They are to be adapted to our clients’ needs and the types of services provided by each of them,” said Alejandro Mondragón, CEO and president, Scania México, to then emphasize that the company boasts an up to 95 percent availability of spare parts and is able to cover its own service coverage and technical assistance around the clock.

Photo by:   Artur Kechter

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