Seizing Opportunities in Residential Segments

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 15:19

In the residential market, there is one segment in particular that is highly coveted by energy efficiency companies: the DAC. There are over 30 million homes in Mexico and out of these, only 500,000 form part of the DAC segment. While companies attempt to conquer this segment, other players have set out to capture the remaining 29.5 million homes that consume subsidized energy. Powergreen Technologies forms part of this group and according to its Director General, Alfonso Rodríguez, its ECOWISE product will spearhead the efforts. This product is a solution for smart grid par excellence, as it optimizes voltage usage by reducing the amount of energy wasted by appliances. The way to cater to this market, says Rodríguez, is through INFONAVIT and its Green Mortgage. “Our product is included in the Green Mortgage, where all developers need to include certain energy efficient products in the construction of houses,” Rodríguez explains. Each product must undergo rigorous tests by INFONAVIT and FIDE, and it takes up to a year to obtain results. “So far, we are the only company in the Green Mortgage scheme with a product prioritizing the concept of voltage control and reduction,” he boasts.

The end consumer has very little consciousness of the costs of electricity, since this is subsidized. This means the government is the one to carry the burden, so CFE must begin to adopt new forms of energy saving devices in order to lessen this pressure. Every product that CFE buys must undergo evaluations, and one of those filters is the Laboratory for Equipment and Materials Testing (LAPEM). “We are carrying out a pilot test in Irapuato with 200 homes alongside CFE in order to reduce energy consumption in the residential sector.” It took the company three years to obtain the contract for this project, yet its success spells a change of mindset in the market and a rising confidence in energy efficiency products on the part of not only the authorities, but also players that need it most, such as CFE.