Seizing on Solar Through Distributed Generation
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Seizing on Solar Through Distributed Generation

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Mon, 02/25/2019 - 17:34

Top Energy has always been characterized for providing the best engineering and design solutions to its clients, with more than 300 interconnected projects across the Mexican territory to support this statement. Nevertheless, the Central Eléctrica Fotovoltaica Diseko Soluciones project has marked an important milestone by being the largest PV plant interconnected under a distributed generation scheme in Aguascalientes.
Diseko Soluciones is one of the biggest manufacturers of display systems in Latin America. Looking for strategies to reduce its electricity bills, the company approached Top Energy in 2017 to develop its first self-supply facility. This PV power plant generates 601.92kWp, conformed by 1881 poly-crystalline solar panels each with a power output of 320W. The installment also includes two sets of inverters. One set has eight SMA STP 60 inverters of 60kW and the other includes a 20kW SMA STP20000TL inverter. The whole installation totals 1,113.552kWh that annually represent total savings of MX$2.4 million considering current electricity prices.
One of the main hurdles during the project development was the installation of the modules at a 15-meter height. These were installed while respecting the lighting systems and without drilling the ceiling during execution. This was achieved through the utilization of a special anchorage system that was attached from the lateral sides of the construction without perforating the roof sheet. Another important challenge relied in the interconnection process, as this project was the first case where an installation with such a high level of power took place under the distributed generation scheme in the region of Aguascalientes.
The project has decreased Diseko Soluciones’ energy consumption by 50 percent, which translates to savings of more than MX$200,000 per month. Central Eléctrica Fotovoltaica Diseko Soluciones is not only lessening its environmental impact, but also generating financial benefits for the final user. This project also showcases how the use of renewable energy is not exclusive to utility scale developments. Nowadays, many national and international companies can select this type of installments to supply their own energy needs.

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