SEL's Powercore Substation Control Enclosures

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 15:45

SEL’s PowerCore solution steps into the challenging environment of the Mexican transmission and distribution infrastructure as a leading technology for substation control enclosures. The turnkey technology has rapid processing that includes everything from design to installation. This solution integrates state-of-the-art technology in protection, automation, control, communications, measurement and information management.

PowerCore’s main competitive advantage lies in its innovative manufacturing method, based on standard designs for wall and ceiling panels through a repeatable process that allows for constant upgrades and maximum quality. The quality-controlled industrial environment in which SEL, the company behind this innovative solution, manufactures its control enclosures ensures waiting periods and engineering costs are kept to a minimum, as well as allowing flexibility for size, design and materials. The manufacturing and integration of the enclosures take place at the installation location, reducing logistics requirements and providing a testing period.

The unique design of the steel columns and panel frames provide a resilient structure for the enclosure, giving clients flexibility to select wall and panel fillings. SEL is compliant with the international construction code (IBC) and the highest technical norms for the development of this product, such as the ASTM E331 certification for water penetration. The company also provides extensive testing according to the customer’s needs and the installation of the solution is performed by SEL’s highly trained engineers.

With SEL’s expertise and the uniqueness of the PowerCore solution, it comes as no surprise the company was selected to revamp the infrastructure of CFE’s largest substations in Mexico: Remedios and Santa Cruz. The updating and upgrading of both substations required the installation of 10 PowerCore enclosures with over 150 protection and control panels and over 50 outdoor control cabinets equipped with 350 devices. The final product was a system fully designed by SEL that used Distributed Network Protocol, version 3, (DNP3) to collect Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) information, as well as utilizing Generic Object Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) messages to offer processing information. The flexibility of the system will allow CFE to update the tension levels of the substations, use standard data implementation methods for the grid and upgrade the substations’ operations.