Sempra Infraestructura Launches in Mexico
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Sempra Infraestructura Launches in Mexico

Photo by:   Abby Anaday, Unsplash
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Antonio Trujillo By Antonio Trujillo | Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/04/2021 - 10:48

Sempra Infraestructura, a subsidiary of US energy company Sempra, has been officially presented in Mexico. The company means to showcase Sempra’s interest and commitment to the Mexican energy market.

Sempra, the largest US energy company in terms of clients, introduced its Mexican subsidiary Sempra Infraestructura (SI) on Wednesday. Born out of the merger of IEnova and Sempra LNG, SI will keep Tania Ortiz Mena as its President for Mexico.

Sempra Infraestructura will also maintain all projects and properties formerly owned by IEnova, which include wind parks, pipelines, refineries, a thermoelectric plant and a liquefied natural gas regasification terminal. It will also keep Sempra LNG’s infrastructure, which will bring US assets that supply natural gas to the world market into SI’s ownership.

“With this structure, Sempra reinforces its global strategy to seek greater integration of its businesses in order to capitalize on new investment opportunities to meet the growing needs of the North American energy market under a sustainable approach,” the company stated.

IEnova has been one of the most important energy companies in Mexico with over 25 years of experience in the market. Over those years, the company acquired a multitude of varied assets, from pipelines to landmark eolic and solar energy plants in seventeen different states in Mexico.

Furthermore, IEnova’s parent company Sempra Energy has had a long history in Mexico regarding energy projects, including those with social and community-oriented goals. Last September, Sempra donated an estimated US$200 million to install five solar projects in Mexico at locations chosen because of their necessity for greater access to energy installations. These installations benefited about 40 families in Baja California.

At the time, Sempra had just finished building its first solar project in Tijuana, meant to power a health center. “We believe that access to resilient, affordable and clean energy is critical to advancing a just and prosperous world,” said Lisa Alexander, Director and Board Chair, Sempra Foundation. She also highlighted Sempra’s plans to improve energy access for vulnerable communities in Mexico and the company’s overall concern for environmental justice.

Photo by:   Abby Anaday, Unsplash

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